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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Student Housing Events

Student Housing Events

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Hope Joyner
Written by Hope Joyner  On  December 08, 2011   3813   5
Snacks & Studying!
Since exams are this week, we hosted a study party in our small clubhouse. We pitched it as an opportunity to study someplace quiet. We offered healthy snacks like dried fruit, trail mix, nuts and granola bars as well as some sugary candy. I think the biggest draw for our residents was that we also offered free coffee and energy drinks. In order to make the party as convenient as possible we extended office hours until 9 so people could use our wifi and printers for last minute studying. We will definitely do this again in the spring!
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Written by Stephanie White  On  May 26, 2011   2718   0
This event consists of four activities and takes place at The Family Fun Center which is a bar, bowling alley, restaurant and arcade. The teams consist of four people that can be residents and non-residents. The first activity is a hot dog eating contest and requires only two team members. The number of hot dogs they eat in 3 minutes are combined for a total score for that team. The second activity is Flip cup and this requires all four team members and we do team eliminations for this event. The third activity is Cornhole and requires two team members that did not compete in the hot dog eating contest. This is also a team elimination. The fourth activity is Two games of bowling, the first being 9 pin no tap and the second Scotch doubles. We take the total pin count...
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Chrissy Surprenant
Written by Chrissy Surprenant  On  May 24, 2011   3792   3
Scavenger HUNT
My community is centered around our university and I have always had the idea to get our community more involved in the larger community. My residents are majority graduate students that take their studies very seriously. The majority of my residents are always considered part-time residents of Ohio as they only live here during the school year and go home so many of them do not take advantage of everything our city has to offer. I had always planned on doing a scavenger hunt around the city partnering with other businesses and apartment communities to compete against one another. We would market the scavenger hunt in all places which would get your name out there and help the other businesses as well. Each business would contribute something towards the grand prize, Second Prize, and Third Prize... be it gift cards, tshirts, cups, food... etc. Then after the scavenger hunt...
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Written by West 27th Place  On  May 21, 2011   2696   1
Hawaiian themed luau party extravaganza! 21 ft Slip n Slide, Dunk Tank, AND a Mechanical Surfboard! Snow cones, virgin pina coloda's, and free food were offered as well! Music for the even was provided and the limbo was a huge hit!
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Tabitha Stephens
Written by Tabitha Stephens  On  May 19, 2011   2770   0
West 27th Luau
WEst 27th hosted a huge luau. we have a very large budget so we rented a mechanical slide, 21' water slide, margarita machine, dunk tank and a food truck. we paid for 100 meals for our future residents and prospective residents. it was a huge success and brought us 3 leases that day!
13 apartment party results - showing 6 - 10  
1 2 3  

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