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Summer Party

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Jolene Sopalski  

Senior Cruise Hot

Written by Jolene Sopalski On  December 01, 2010   2523   1
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We are currently in the works on a cruise with Riverside Travels for our residents. We thought this would be a great way for us to bond as a community and for those who normally are not able to go on a cruise. This will be a cruise that the residents will have to pay for but it will be at a discounted rate and we can make payments plans. Our Goal Date of the cruise is going to be August 2011. We are really excitted and so are the residents. If this is a sucess we will make this an annual event. We are even planning on getting Tshirts that Say The Meeting House at Collins Cove Senior Cruise 2011. We are also thinking of looking into some fundraising events to help the residents with the cost. Which the cruise itself is like $344 we just want to make sure every one has the opportunity to do this.

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Cathy Britvich
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Love to Cruise Myself

I've thought of this too, but always thought it was unattainable. It is nice to see that it can actually happen. It makes me rethink my hesitation. Would love to hear how it goes.

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