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Summer Party

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Milisa Crouch  

Summer Olympics Hot

Written by Milisa Crouch On  July 03, 2012   4047   4
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Summer Olympics
This is a BIG ONE: We are having a cook out with hamburgers, hot dogs, chip and drinks. We are having a dessert contest giving the one with the most votes a gift card to a grocery store. AND....We are having a TON of back yard games including: Back Yard Bowling as seen on Live with Kelly and the internet as well The person who knocks down the most pins in one roll moves will win a prize Competitors will range from groups of 2 to 4 at a time (pins will be liter bottles filled with colored water and the ball used will be a small basket ball) In the event of a tie there will be a bowl off until one outdoes the other. Prizes will range from $5 gift cards to goodie bags. Squirt Gun Race as seen on Live with Kelly Two people will go head to head racing wiffle ball down a board with a squirt gun. The winner keeps moving on until we have 3 with the fastest times. Those 3 will win Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. Skewer Kurplunk with water balloons - Balloons will have prizes associated with the colors. Prizes will range from $5 gift cards to goodie bags. Balloons will be placed in a very tall wire tube with skewers holding them up. When a person pulls out a skewer and drops a water balloon of a prize color they win the prize. Bobbing for Apples with a Cinnamon & Nut Twist - Persons with the fastest time bobbing out an apple and then taking it in their mouth through a plate of caramel then through a plate of nuts will win Gold Silver and Bronze Medals. Beach Ball Parachute - Parachutes will be filled with beach balls. The team who is able to toss the balls up and off the parachute leaving only a certain colored ball the fastest will win totes filled with pool gear. Teams can be up to 5 people total. Hula Hoop Contest - Longest times will win Gold Silver and Brinze Medals Bean Bag Toss - Getting 3 in gets a prize of a certain value, 2 gets a lower valued prize and 1 a bit lower valued prize. Tug of War into a Back Yard Pool - Team who doesn't get wet gets tote bags filled with pool gear. Water Balloon Pinatas - We will hang water balloons from a tree and certain colored ones will be worth certain prizes ranging from $5 gift cards to goodie bags.


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