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Written by Resident Events On  September 20, 2014   4387   2
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Bubble Party

We have yet to meet a kid who doesn't like bubbles!  And that goes for a lot of adults, too, so this is an event where everybody can have a good time.  Now, the easy way out for a "bubble party" is to simply get loads of individual bubble bottles and just let the kids have fun.  Yes, there would be bubbles everywhere, but we like to do things BIG around here!

1)  Bubble Bottles - Yes, we still want to include these, as they are easy to distribute and easy for kids to use.  Here is a recipe we found at Happy Hooligans for bubbles, and will be important to make the giant bubbles later in this tutorial!

·         6 cups water (distilled is best but tap water is fine)

·         1/2 cup blue Dawn dish detergent (Original formula)

·         1/2 cup corn starch

·         1 tbsp baking powder (not baking soda)

·         1 tbsp Glycerine

We found an alternate recipe that is much simpler with just water and Dawn, but the concern is whether it will work well enough with the giant bubbles, so feel free to experiment!

2)  Bubble Guns - These are the modern take on the traditional bubbles for those too lazy to actually blow them.  Ok, we kid - they can be a blast and put out tons of bubbles!

2)  Giant Bubble Wands - We saw several approaches to the giant bubble wands, but here is our favorite.  Here is the materials list per wand set.  Obviously, multiply this for the number you want to ultimately have!

·         2 wood dowels 2 to 3 foot long

·         2 eye screws

·         1 washer

·         12 foot of cotton cord

First, screw an eye screw into each dowel, possibly pre-drilling a hole in each.  Next, cut the cord into an 8 foot section, and 4 foot section.  Run the four foot section between the two eye screws and tie off.  Next, put the washer on the 8 foot section and run the cord between the two eye screws, tying off at the end.  The washer will weigh down the cord and make a giant triangle.

(Picture courtesy of

After you dip the cord in the bubble mixture, just walk backwards to start creating your giant bubbles!

3) Kiddy pool with bubbles!  It is probably not a good idea to fill up the pool or spa with bubbles, but you can get some plastic kiddy pools and bubble them up!

4) Bubble wrap to pop!  Ok, so this isn't exactly the same type of bubbles, but we can fudge a little on the theme, and everybody loves popping bubble wrap, no matter how old they are.

5) Bubble Balls!  These may not be possible since they are pretty expensive, but they look like a blast, and would definitely fit in your bubble theme!  If you can afford two, then pool bubble ball wars is a must.

6) Bubble Gum Blowing Bubbles Challenge - This is a game where you give contestants gum and challenge them to blow the biggest bubble.  Each person must receive the same amount of gum, and if you have many people, you can run the game in segments.  For example, if you have 16 people, separate them in groups of two, and have each group compete on the biggest bubble.  Then, the winners advance to the next stage where they are paired with someone else.  This will result in a "final four" and then the grand championship of bubble blowing!

What do you think about this bubble party idea?  Share your thoughts below!  And as always, don't forget to take lots of pictures!


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