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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Summer Party

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Lisa Marshall
Written by Lisa Marshall  On  May 03, 2011   4515   4
A Spajama Party: by Lisa Marshall PACIFIC OCEAN APTS Decron Properties Have a Spajama Party and send out invitations or emails to all residents make attitre you such as lounge pants or pajamas anything they feel cool and relaxed in, and call for a Spa Professional in your area at least 2-3 weeks in advance. You can call one company or several that you maybe familiar with that offer massages, facials, pedicures and manicures, makeovers etc. This is a great way to market your neighboring businesses to your residents also triggers resident retention. You can have this party out by your pool area or courtyard. Some of these places even offer a real good special deal on larger parties. Serve fresh fruits in bowls, Pitchers of water or chilled bottles of water (particularly attractive bottles are a plus splurge at your local gourmet store for pretty bottles...
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Written by Lakota Pointe Townhomes  On  May 03, 2011   2559   1
Our community is tax credit, this means our residents have moderate to low income. Despite the pressures from the economy, they are a wonderful group of people and deserve a break from the daily stress and worries. We have put on a few parties in the past with the help of local Churches, however their finances are strained as well. Pick us so we can put on a memorable party for the whole community!
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Written by Guest  On  May 03, 2011   2724   1
A movie and a barbecue !
First you send your resident a letter , letting them know that you are having a summer party 1 Let them know the time and place, also its a good way of your community to get to know their neighbors and also its time to chat about any events coming up in the future. let them know what kind of food will be served and what movie . At that time you could also give the resident any brochures and let them know about any discounts and also play a games with them,GET TO KNOW YOUR RESIDENT !
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Marilyn L. Tyler
Written by Marilyn L. Tyler  On  May 03, 2011   2275   2
Since it is too hot to cook in July and August we're having a "Salad Exchange". We read constantly about eating heathlier and that children tend to eat what they see their mother's eat. So we al bring our favorite salad and have a most "cool" evening teaching the children that there really are some great tasting veggies and fruits out there. Because it is such an inexpensive party for the property to have, we recommend a $50 gift certificate for the best salad and a $25 gift certificate for the runner up salad. Use three or four volunteers from the community to do a blind judging of the salads before the residents chow down. Print the recipes in the following months newsletter as a reminder to the residents of the great tasting healthy food they had and the fun evening that was shared by all.
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Written by Orell Jones  On  May 03, 2011   3018   1
I'm The Community Manager of a Small Community and the residents of this Community are Extremely Supportive in every request I have made i.e. Annual Inspections, During Annual Recertification’s All Residents always schedule their appointments in a Timely Manner! The Majority of the residents attended The Earth Day Event that I scheduled for our community with “Going Green” Since our Community has went "Green" all residents have assisted tremendously by separating all of their recyclables and placing them in the New Recycling Bin, the children in this community are equally excited they make it a daily routine by collecting any plastic water bottles and/or juice containers and discarding them in the Recycling area. The Resident of Vista Park – Chino should be reward with a Resident Appreciation Party.
52 apartment party results - showing 41 - 45  
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