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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!


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Resident Events
Written by Resident Events  On  October 26, 2017   1326   0
Want to encourage residents to stop by the office and spread the joy? Winter is a great time to build some community camaraderie and get to know your resident’s a little bit better. With this event, set up a collaborative thanksgiving tree in the main office or entryway to your community! Have residents write the things they’re thankful for on fall colored leaves. You can then help residents hang the colorful leaf notes from the tree with string! Image source: Meaningful Mama You can cut leaves yourself and keep them in a stack or basket by the tree. Download this free PDF leaf pattern for printing and tracing. ...
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Resident Events
Written by Resident Events  On  November 05, 2015   2921   2
Homeless Donation Drive
Now that Halloween is over, we approach the season of being thankful and getting in the spirit of giving! This Resident Event idea encourages the spirit of the season by bringing your residents together and giving back to your community. It should be fairly inexpensive and easy on your budget! As a community, host a collections drive for a local homeless shelter. You can easily find lists of items that are most needed at the shelter itself but some ideas are: socks, coats, toiletries, diapers, blankets, non-perishable food items, and more. Many homeless shelters have programs which provide a Thanksgiving meal to families in need so see if you can find out if there are specialized food items to collect. Some shelters even accept book donations if they have programs in place to assist those in need with education and job...
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Nicolette Beardsley
Written by Nicolette Beardsley  On  November 21, 2013   6236   3
Holiday Food Drive and Raffle
My community is currently hosting a food drive for our local food bank. The leasing office did a little research to see which organizations were in need of donations for the holidays. It was easy to get the information for our local food bank and setup minor details such as picking up the food barrel & arranging for a pick-up at the end of the drive. We made flyers to pass out to each home and post throughout the community. The food bank also had tools online such as what items they needed and posters we could print out for free. To 'up the ante' a bit we also organized a raffle to go with it. For each item that is brought into the office the resident's name will go into the raffle one time. Winners will be chosen at random and...
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Written by Carolyn  On  November 18, 2013   2383   4
Our Resident’s Pot Luck Thanksgiving Cookbook 2013
Every year it’s the same Thanksgiving resident event. We have a lunch, dinner, or pot luck for the residents, but why not change it up a little this year? Have a pot luck, but resident must bring the recipe with their dish. It can be a turkey, side dish, dessert, or appetizer, and encourage them to share online what they are bringing, so you don’t get 15 different stuffing recipes. Have a panel of anonymous judges, judge the dishes, and announce the winners. As you may know, people love sharing pictures of food, so be ready to share pictures of the winning dishes and their cooks in social media and in your newsletter! What is beautiful about this event is that it doesn’t end with the event itself! One of the main purposes of the event is to create a cookbook of all entries...
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Written by Holly Kutz  On  November 21, 2012   3603   0
Harvest Dinner
Our Thanksgiving was held one week before Thanksgiving. I arranged for an area restaurant to caterer. We set up our community room as a restaurant with linen table cloths, napkins, nice dishes and glassware. The tables had beautiful lighted laterns with grens and log pieces tha the tenants made. For a surprise we had a harp player play during our meal. Also during coffee and pie. We even sang grace. It was a great evening with friends.
27 apartment party results - showing 1 - 5  
1 2 3 4 5 6  

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