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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

5 days ago
5 days ago
Big Ball Bash! 5 days ago


2 weeks ago
Get Messy Party 2 weeks ago


4 weeks ago
Mother’s Day Craft: Plaster of Paris Hand Impressions 4 weeks ago

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, a kid’s craft event will be the perfect highlight of your month!
I think these plaster of Paris hand impressions will make perfectly sweet gifts. They’re also a keepsake the mothers in your community will cherish for years to come.

Because this is a super simple craft, kids as young as one or two can easily participate. Just remember that parents will need to accompany small children and help them with the craft.

Image source:

Crafting hand impressions

Plaster of Paris can be purchased at most craft stores, or if you are adventurous, try making it yourself! The plaster of Paris should be mixed in disposable bowls (following the box instructions) in individual portions for every child. Heart-shaped or flower-shaped molds can be made from card board or cookie tins (cereal boxes also work great). Once the molds are ready, the prepared plaster of Paris can be poured into the molds.

**BONUS** To add to the fun and enhance the overall look of the finished product, a few drops of poster colors may also be poured and stirred into the plaster of Paris mixture.

When the plaster has hardened just a bit, it is time to add the hand prints! The children might need some adult assistance to make sure they press their hands really well, to get an excellent hand-impression.
Here is a video demonstrating a plaster hand print in a candy box:

Adding decorations

Adding decorations to the hand-print will help personalize each child’s gift. Decorations such as beads, shells, glitter etc. may be added to the drying prints. Frames can also be crafted from card paper and painted or decorated.

Image source: Pinterest

I love this easy sponge brush and poster paint idea. It’s easy for every age and gives the hand prints some additional color.

**TIP** Another painting technique variation can be done using a tooth brush to create a wonderful spray paint effect:


Bead it up

Image source: Pinterest

Adding beads can help personalize the gifts as well as spark creativity. While the plaster of Paris is still wet, the beads can get pressed down into the plaster. If working with small children, however, it’s important to have parent’s supervise the beads which may present a choking hazard.

Hand print wall hanging

This glittery craft is a quick and easy way to make a hanging keepsake. Encourage residents to date and note the name of the child on the back.

To get this look, just hot-glue a ribbon to the back so you can put it up on the wall, spread on some glue, and then dip the front of the handprint in a tub of colorful glitter!

Image Source:

1 month ago
Super High Energy Tic-Tac-Toe and Hula Hoop Relay Race 1 month ago

Looking for something unique to plan a community resident event this week? Try this frenzied activity involving an interesting mixture of hula hoops, a relay race, and tic-tac-toe.

You heard me right! It’s quite a combination.

While everyone has played tic-tac-toe at some point of their life, not many have played a real life tic-tac-toe using hula hoops! For this activity, hula hoops will be used in a non-traditional way to make up a tic-tac-toe board on the ground!

For this event you’ll need:

  • Two teams of energetic individuals, with 3 people in each team.

9 hula hoops, to make tic-tac-toe like spaces.

Looking for something unique to plan a community resident event this week? Try this frenzied activity involving an interesting mixture of hula hoops, a relay race, and tic-tac-toe.

You heard me right! It’s quite a combination.

While everyone has played tic-tac-toe at some point of their life, not many have played a real life tic-tac-toe using hula hoops! For this activity, hula hoops will be used in a non-traditional way to make up a tic-tac-toe board on the ground!

For this event you’ll need:

  • Two teams of energetic individuals, with 3 people in each team.
  • 9 hula hoops, to make tic-tac-toe like spaces. 
  • 6 items for marking spaces (like napkins, bean bags, or paper plates) marked with X and O. Find three each of two colors (one color for each team).
  • A large space to run and play (About 25 to 30 feet minimum).

Image source: Pinterest

How to Play

Arrange the hula hoops like a tic-tac-toe board.

  1. One of each team members will run with their item in hand, and drop it within the hula hoops spaces.
  2. When the runners reach their teams, they’ll tag the second runner who will also drop their item in the hula hoop tic-tac-toe board.
  3. The remaining runner will then run and drop their item onto the board.
  4. If neither of the teams won yet, the runners will continue to tag each other to run and rearrange the items on the board to make a winning move.
  5. The game ends when one of the teams has their items in a row.

***TIP*** To make the fun last longer, consider making a team win two out of three games to be declared the official winner.



***BONUS*** Small gifts, such as hand crafted tic-tac-toe souvenirs, can be given out to the winning team so that they feel a sense of achievement and pride.

This is a really thrilling game which will stimulate everyone’s physical and mental reflexes. We love that this game helps residents stay active and feel more energetic.


1 month ago
Crazy, Clanking, Soda Can Games 1 month ago

Gather up all the used soda cans because we found a ton of soda can games for your next resident event!

Shoot the can game

One fun-tastic, carnival-inspired game played with soda cans (which never gets old) is stacking the cans up in a pyramid and then knocking them back down.

Residents use rubber bands to shoot away the stacked cans…slingshot style!


***TIP*** To create an adrenaline rush factor, set up time limits. For example, every player has 60 seconds to topple over the pyramid.

***BONUS*** The cans can topple over easily in wind, so it is important to keep fans or breeze in check.

Kick the can game

I'll admit, I'm not 80 years old, so I don't know what real kick the can is, but this next game is literally kicking a can, so we're going to run with it!

This game is best done in pairs – with each set of people competing against time and each other.

Every time a player puts the can in the bucket, a point is earned. So it’s all about who put the most cans into the bucket first!


Float it up

Now this will make an exciting game…a floating can tower!  Yes, it comes from the same group that did the first two, but these just look like so much fun, we decided to share more than one!

Residents build the tower of cans floating on water! The one who stacks all their cans first, without the tower tumbling, is the winner!


Can relay

This can relay game will make everyone hold their breath!

This game needs a team of at least two members. The first player adds can on top of a can and carries it to the other team member’s table. The second team member adds another can on top of the previous stack and carries it to another team member’s table.

The relay ends when all the team’s cans are lined up as a tower and placed back the first team member’s table!

***BONUS*** To increase or decrease the difficulty level of the game, the distance between the tables of the team members can be adjusted accordingly.




2 months ago
Exciting and Explosive Balloon Race Celebration 2 months ago

Balloons are no longer limited to tying to your community sign for curb appeal!   Now it's time to organize a Balloon Party! Balloon parties are cost effective, simple, exciting and lots of fun for your residents. We love that this event can bring together community residents from all age groups.

Picture Credit: Pinterest

A variety of balloon races

Balloon relay race - The balloon relay is simple and lots of fun! This game is played between two or more teams, each of which has three to five members.

The first member will complete a lap and return to the team. The second member will join the first with a balloon between them and complete the lap together.

Running back to the team, they will add up a new member every time!

A really comical game is a Balloon Pop Relay. In this version, each member of the team has to run to a chair, sit on it with the balloon, pop it and run back to the team to send up the next team member. The team who pops all their balloons first is the winner!


Back to back balloon race - This game is similar to the balloon relay race, except that it’s played between two players and the balloons are placed at the back of each member.

It is also known as a “Balloon Sandwich Race.”

The goal is to run to the finish line holding sandwiching the balloon intact in its place.

Picture Credit:

Bow legged balloon race – In this game, players position the balloon between their knees and rush to the finish line. Whoever reaches the finish line first, with the balloon still in place, wins! It’s bound to be full of giggles, screaming, and balloon pops… so, gear up!


***TIP*** Have participants kangaroo hop or long jump to add up to the fun!

***BONUS*** A few games can be arranged for older residents or small children, which don’t involve physical racing, such as a minute-to-win balloon shooting game, building a balloon tower and even balloon tennis.


Picture Credit: Times Free Press

The best part about managing a balloon party (aside from a bit of popped balloon cleanup) is that this event is easy to manage, inexpensive, and causes very little hassle.

2 months ago
The Very Hungry Story Time 2 months ago

Yay, its toddler time!

Getting kids into the spirit of reading at an early age is incredibly important, so group reading events, where an adult reads a book to a group of children at your community is a great way to give back in a positive way! 

Image source: Pixabay

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

We chose The Very Hungry Caterpillar because it is timeless.  Not only will the kids at your community love it, but most of the parents will remember it from their childhood, as well.  In general, the book of choice for toddlers would be one that is not too wordy, yet at the same time captivating enough to hold a child’s attention and imagination. This particular book targets ages 2 to 4, and we love it because we found some great opportunities for crafts alongside the story!

Here is the Alice from Alice's Reading Room reading the story:


Getting crafty

Story time is always more fun when you can get the kids active creating something!  Here are a few options to get them involved:

            Colored Paper Caterpillars

Image source: Pinterest

Love this easy craft that is doable for most ages.  Just make sure to stock up on kid-friendly scissors.  We found this 12 pack for only $20.  (Although even with these, constant supervision with scissors is necessary)

            Caterpillar Pom Pom Craft


I would suggest creating the leaves for the kids, and then providing different color pom poms for them to glue down, as well as the eyes.


            Caterpillar Coloring




A Very Hungry Snack


How cute is this?!  Just grapes and a strawberry on a stick, with eyes to top it all off. 

A Recurring Event?

A toddler storytime and craft can easily be made into a great recurring event. It will help the children bond with other children of their age in the community, develop a passion for reading, improve motor skills through crafts, and also develop a sense of team work.



2 months ago
Rejuvenating Spa Night for Women 2 months ago

Every woman needs some time off from her dreary routine. A Spa Night is the perfect break!

However, not everyone can afford the services offered by luxury spas and salons. So, this event includes a women’s night out right in your own community where residents can learn to make effective beauty and spa products using everyday ingredients from their own kitchens.

A spa night is the perfect event to help women relax and enjoy themselves. This event brings together women of all ages, to engage in a leisure activity of making a DIY beauty product, while they chatter and bond with other ladies and staff in the community.

Image source: Pixabay

Set the Mood

It’s essential that residents both enjoy themselves and get time to relax during the activity. Therefore, setting up the spa mood is highly recommended. This could include soft music, incense or fragrant candles, and hot towels for the participants.

Image source: Pixabay

Share the secret recipes

Once the participants are settled, the recipe of the DIY beauty product can be shared. The product may be a scrub, masque, bath bombs etc. You can focus on just one recipe, or have ingredients to craft several recipes of various DIY beauty products.

One of my personal favorite DIY mud masque recipes is as follows:


  • Lemon Juice
  • Buttermilk
  • Honey
  • Cocoa
  • Greek Yougurt
  • Banana


In a bowl, mix 3 tablespoons Greek yogurt. Add 1 teaspoon cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon buttermilk and 1/2 of a mashed banana. Add 1 teaspoon honey and 1 teaspoon lemon juice. Beat all the ingredients with a fork until well combined. A blender may also be used to mix the ingredients into a thick paste. This recipe makes about 3 -5 face masks.


Residents should test the mask on a small part of the face to test for any allergic reactions. If allergy-free, residents can apply the mask over the while face and let it stay for about 20 – 30 minutes. Have ladies rinse away the mask with cool water, followed by a splash of cold water to close up facial pores.

Image source: Pixabay

What I love about the recipe is that it is simple and made from everyday ingredients easily available at home. But the real magnificence of it is that it works like a charm!

***BONUS*** Beauty Editor gives a list of thirteen more scrumptious homemade facial masks and scrub recipes. These recipes can be given out to residents or saved to make the DIY spa night a recurring monthly event.

Getting to Work

Have the ladies work in groups, where the ingredients are arranged on tables and ready to be combined. Be sure to have recipe cards and signage handy to avoid any confusions about how to make the products.

Once their products are made, ladies can apply it right there, or may be given the option to use it at home at their convenience. Give small containers or zipper bags for women to store their products for future use.

Storing the Product

It is essential to educate women about proper storage of the beauty product made at home. If the product not stored appropriately, it may be dangerous or harmful to put a perished product on the skin.

Because DIY products are made without preservatives and other chemical stabilizers, they need to be used immediately. Therefore, DIY beauty products should always be stored in air-tight containers and refrigerated. Also, it is best not to use products with perishable ingredients after 3 days. 

***TIP*** Vitamin E can help preserve DIY beauty products. It may be added into the product by puncturing a Vitamin E gel pill.

***BONUS*** Grapefruit seed extract is another a great natural preservative. A few drops can be added to the DIY face mask to enhance its shelf life.

2 months ago
Quality Time with Family and Friends –Potluck Dinner Night 2 months ago

Gathering together for food is among the most pleasurable times for children, teenagers, and adults alike. Because of this, planning a monthly potluck event can be an engaging experience for your community members: it also helps your community members get better acquainted with each other.

Planning the event

When planning a potluck event for a large number of guests – it’s essential to plan wisely and well in advance. Decide your theme, venue, and timing for the event.

Suitable locations for a potluck event on your property could be a community center, BBQ area, or community park.


Notifying residents about the event

Informing members about the event, at least two weeks in advance, will ensure better participation. Emails and Facebook event invitations can be sent your community members or you can notify them through handouts dropped at your resident’s homes.

***TIP*** SignUpGenius is a handy website for organizing group events. It provides an RSVP sign up format. Moreover, it can help in collecting information regarding numbers of people attending, guest names, and what people will bring along all in the same place.

Assigning duties and tasks

Once you’ve decided the time, date and place, the next step is to gather volunteers to make the dishes according to the decided theme. It will be necessary to let the volunteers know about the approximate number of people who would be attending the event, so that food preparation, utensils, plates, cups, etc. can be collected accordingly.

Residents that are not as confident about their cooking skills can be tasked with managing additional things such as utensils, dishes, beverages, décor, and cleanup.

Image source: Pixabay

Managing the event

It’s important to understand that events like these are only successful when residents are enthusiastic and have a good team spirit. Therefore, as part of managing the event, it’s important to make the event interesting for all ages. Events can be made even more fun and interesting through the use of themes, organizing music, and other activities such as a complementary movie to go with the theme.

To manage a successful potluck event Perfect Potluck is another wonderful resource. It will let you select a meal coordinator, enter the venue of event, assign volunteers for all the dishes, and also notify members about which services they can still sign up to complete.

***BONUS*** To make the event even more exciting, participants can also be asked to dress up in costume according to the potluck theme.

Image source: Pixabay

Creative themes to get the party started

As this event can be repeated as a recurring monthly get-together, themes may be selected by the organizers in line with important holidays or seasons each month.

Some popular theme ideas are:

  • Around the world/International Cuisine.
  • Stuff it up! Foods with stuffing such as stuffed turkey, stuffed bell peppers, etc.
  • By era (e.g. 50s, 60s, 70s, or 80s theme.)
  • Childhood memories. This theme can include the favorite dishes from one’s childhood.
  • Gluten-Free.
  • The bakery. Everything comes baked, from baked potatoes to chocolate lava cakes.
  • Theme by colors. For instance, every food must be red in color.
  • Sea food.
  • Challenge ingredient which must be present in every dish (e.g., cauliflower or potatoes.)
  • Movie theme. Select a movie and establish the food to go with it. (e.g. If you choose the animated movie Ratatouille, you can select French Cuisine.)
  • Breakfast for supper. This theme can include deviled eggs, waffles, pancakes etc.
  • Finger Foods.

No matter what the theme selected, the general idea of the event is for the participants to have fun and enjoy themselves. Therefore, it’s important to go with the mood of the people participating. It’s also important to communicate with your residents and  let residents communicate with each other. This will keep the  event is well-synchronized.

***TIP*** Help participants connect with each other, by creating a Facebook Event each month where they can discuss décor, give ideas, and notify each other of their contributions. You can also create a community group on Facebook in which residents can discuss the upcoming potluck events.

2 months ago
Sparkle Up Your Sneakers 2 months ago

With spring blossoming onto the scene, who wouldn’t love to get their sneakers geared up for the season! Some people may find such cleaning tasks mundane or boring. Others keep procrastinating because they have a lot of work on their plate. This is why planning a shoe cleaning event will actually let the members have fun with the cleaning while providing a great rehabilitation session for their sneakers.

Things you will need

  • Spray bottles filled with detergent (70 percent dish soap, mixed with 30 percent purified water).
  • Spray bottles filled with water.
  • Soft brushes or sponge (old tooth brushes work great as well.)
  • Small towels or polish cloths.
  • Tea-bags, lemon peels, or baking soda to absorb odor.
  • Peanut butter, toothpaste, and white nail polish for added luster.
  • Car polishing wax
  • Tables for different cleaning stations.
  • Shoe racks or shelves for drying.

***TIP*** Making different work stations for various cleaning steps will organize space, accommodate more people, and keep residents interested in the activity.

***BONUS*** A “How-To” card board can be pinned to each cleaning station explaining how to use all of the supplies. This will make it easier for first time cleaners to do the job without asking around or feeling uncomfortable.

Washing station

Being exposed to dirt and grime, outsoles are usually the grubbiest part of the sneakers.  Further, winter rains and snow can make shoes and boots look dull and dirty. Washing up your dirty shoes will make them look as good as new - ready to wear again, or prep for winter storage.

Step 1 - Clear away excess dirt using a soft-bristled brush (shoe brush or old toothbrush) to clean the outsole.

Step 2 – Be sure to take out the laces before applying detergent to the shoe. (The laces should be washed separately by hand or in a delicate machine wash).

Step 3 - Spray the detergent on the affected areas and clean using the soft brush or sponge, in circular movements.

Step 4 – Once clean, spray water thoroughly to wash away the soap and wipe dry the shoes using towels or polish cloths.

***TIP*** Make sure to provide cold water - as hot water can fade away shoe color.

Insole deodorizing station

While insoles may not be dirty, they’re sure to have some smell from long hours of wearing and sweat.

This cleaning station provides tea-bags, lemon peels or baking soda filled in empty match-boxes, which can be kept in the shoes to absorb odor and freshen the shoe up from inside out. These can be left inside the shoes while they’re left to dry.

Finishing glow station

While washing up with soap can drastically improve the overall look, it may not clear away the scratches or marks sometimes left on the mid soles (which are usually made from plastic or rubber). These parts of the shoes can be given an added luster by brushing them up with peanut butter or tooth paste!  

***BONUS*** White nail polish can also be provided for owners of white, or partially white, sneakers. It covers up scratches really well and gives them a “brand new” look.

Believe it or not, car polishing wax can be used as a neutral shoe polish on shoes of any color. It will provide a waterproof coating on the shoes, and one tub of wax is enough to polish more than a hundred pairs of sneakers.

Drying station

The drying station should be placed in a well-ventilated area, in the presence of indirect sunlight. Exposure to direct sunlight may fade away shoe colors. The drying process can take a few hours so you can encourage residents to leave their shoes on-site, or take them back to their homes.

If you do have residents leave their shoes, make sure to keep them in view of management and use masking tape to add the owner’s name to the sole of the shoe. If residents have similar shoes this will avoid anyone accidentally taking someone else’s shoes back home. 

All in all, this event can be an engaging and fun way to come together as a community, as well as getting the tedious task of shoe cleaning done in an enjoyable gathering.

Host a Talent Show to Boost Occupancy and Raise Retention Rates 3 months ago

Hosting events in your community it good clean fun. It also helps increase resident retention. With events, residents begin to see you not just as a landlord or apartment manager, but as a community builder as well.

Boost Occupancy and Raise Retention Rates

A talent show event can help improve occupancy rates and retention by:

  1. Scheduling a specific time a time and place to gather in your community (like community clubhouses and outdoor spaces). This encourages residents to visit and get to know one another.
  2. Allowing residents to get to know the neighbors and feel more comfortable in their community provides an extra sense of safety and security (neighborhood watch).
  3. Events help you see your community and interact with them, and be seen as well – this gives you a chance to connect and interact and be taken as an ally. If you are openly physically present at your location, your residents will learn to trust you and feel happier about staying in your community.

What better way to encourage some good clean fun – allowing residents to let their hair down a bit, then with a community talent show.

How to run a talent show

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel – wikiHow has detailed instructions and tips for running a successful talent show.

Share it to social

If social media is used right it can bring new prospective tenants into your community. By showing the fun and playful side of your community you promote it as a safe space.

Record videos of the event

Video is quickly outpacing static images as the highest converting marketing asset you can put out there to your residents. It offers a humanness that’s not found in other edited and manipulated visual images.

You may even start a new trending fad like highschool senior Mike Senatore did with his viral bottle-flipping video performed at his local high school talent show in 2016. A funny video going viral would be great for business!

Get testimonials

At the conclusion of your talent show (and every event) be sure to ask participants for feedback. These testimonials can be used to craft content for your marketing materials, website, and social pages.

***TIP*** Use a post-event email to ask for feedback from attendees. You’ll certainly have to ask for feedback: not many residents will offer it feely, even if they had a fantastic time.

Be sure craft a simple form that hits the main questions and is not too lengthy. Platforms like SurveyMonkey work well for this. Once the form is completed, send a link to the form in a post-event follow-up email.

Additionally, you can also choose to provide a link to the online comment form via SMS, group messaging, social pages, newsletters, bill comment sections, and distributed fliers.

***TIP*** It’s important to send the email and testimonial request while attendee spirits and excitement are still high. If you wait too long, your resident’s memories will fade and the event may not seem as fun as they first remembered.

Community talent show ROI

Emphasizing your community’s fun events can be an especially powerful marketing tool if you’re located in a not-so-great area with higher than average crime rates or insufficient infrastructures.

Creating an oasis of safety and fun in your community will go a long way towards bringing in, and retaining, occupants. Use a community talent show to help you reach 100% occupancy at all times.

3 months ago
Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect 3 months ago

When it comes to resident retention and signing new leases, nothing works better than subtle reminders to residents already living in your community.

The goal of many community events should be to get your current residents talking. For both property managers and renters, people have to come first. It’s important to keep this in mind as you plan your events. To keep things light, and provide a quick and easy opportunity to connect with residents, plan a Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect event.

For those communities not living in Louisiana, there may be some misconceptions about Mardi Gras celebrations stemming from often skewed and biased coverage in the media. Thankfully, it’s not as rowdy or X-rated an event as some journalists may make it seem.

Contrary to popular belief outside the region, Mardi Gras is actually a family friendly event with floats, parades, and other G-rated activities during the carnival celebrations.

To capture some of this community spirit, pass out beads to all residents – adults and children alike – as they head out of your community one morning. Make sure you purchase enough beads ahead of time so that you can budget to each car accordingly.


Image source: Pixabay

***BONUS*** Hand out slices of king cake and offer a prize to the resident who finds the baby!

You can also keep a few of the traditionally coveted (and hard to win) coconuts handy – perhaps reserved for only the most deserving residents who are willing to mug for the camera. Because it’s more crucial than ever to market your properties digitally, ensure that you’re giving your current residents lots of opportunities to do some of your marketing for you: posting pictures of your residents and events will work wonders for implementing this tactic.

A Mardi Gras Morning Gate Connect event is a great way to spread some resident cheer as they head out in the morning. It will also get your residents fired up and singing your praises as they leave your community and head off to work and school nearby.

***TIP*** Use technology to your advantage by harnessing the power of social shares and automated systems to make your job easier.

When preparing for this event, make sure that you plan ahead to utilize the various platforms in the best ways. You can schedule and share posts in the days and hours leading up to your event and give hints and reminders on social media. If most of the leg work is done ahead of time you’ll be better able to focus on connecting with your residents the morning of the event.

Image source: Pixabay

Be sure you’re tweeting when you start and end any event, and always share photos from the event on Instagram and Facebook. You may even want to consider using Snapchat or Facebook live as the event is ongoing, or take a few quick videos from your phone as you hand out beads. Leverage all that you do before, during, and after the event by including it across your marketing channels.

***TIP*** To build up additional excitement, be sure to post pictures of the Mardi Gras swag on social media and share what the prizes are for the resident who finds the king’s cake baby in their slice.

Consider scheduling this event on a weekday before Mardi Gras to ensure that it will be less stress on your staff. Aim to host the event mid-week if possible to avoid the most hectic weekdays and ensure maximum resident participation.

Some events are best done on the go, and a quick and inexpensive morning Mardi Gras themed event somewhere in the weeks prior to Ash Wednesday is sure to be a hit.

3 months ago
The Candle Blow Out Challenge 3 months ago

I'm a big fan of silly activities during resident events.  Simply getting residents moving and interacting is one of the key components to a successful event, and doing things that are completely off the wall are a great way to break the ice and get your residents to let loose!  This game features Jack Black on a Korean game show, which in itself is kind of bizarre, but man that looks fun, both for the people playing, as well as everybody else!  

3 months ago
Elegant Bagel Brunch 3 months ago

Invite residents to an elegant bagel brunch complete with an inviting spread of bagels, cream cheese, jam, jelly, fresh fruit, tea, coffee, and juice. Sparkling beverages and small smoothie cups can also add a touch of class to your beautiful bagel brunch.

What to serve

An elegant brunch event begins with great food. Buy the best bagels and toppings you can afford and be sure to arrange everything in decorative plastic or glass containers.

***TIP*** Check out local thrift shops and yard sales for inexpensive dishes you can use for future events.

Community Partners

Depending where you’re located you may be able to partner with a local bakery or bagel company as a sponsor - or ask then to cater your event.
You can also purchase a variety of bagels and toppings yourself after joining a local warehouse store like COSCO or Sam’s Club. Precut the bagels in half lengthwise - and again in halves or quarters across the width - to allow for smaller sampling and more economical sharing by your residents.

Image source: Pixabay

Set out a variety of flavors and styles with the toppings to match. Consider also plugging in a toaster or two as well for residents who want their bagels crispy.

Bagel toppings and brunch items

  • Cream cheese (plain and flavored varieties)
  • Cottage cheese
  • Cut fruit
  • Greek yogurt
  • Nutella
  • Jelly/Jam
  • Butter/Margarine
  • Peanut butter
  • Honey
  • Meat options like sliced turkey or smoked salmon
  • Lettuce/Tomato/Olives

You can easily purchase ready-made spreadable cheeses from your local grocery store. However, if you want to create your own unique blends, you can also check out Pinterest and The Kitchn for DIY schmear recipes.

Image source: Pixabay

Keep lots of plastic knives for spreading, and sturdy plates for the bagels, on hand for residents. Keep an eye on the buffet table and toss utensils before they cross contaminate the spreads.

***TIP*** At any food-inclusive event, it’s safest to label all dishes so that residents know what’s inside. This helps residents avoid foods for diet or allergy reasons.

***BONUS*** For an even more delicious brunch – consider setting up a complete smoothie bar for your residents as well!


3 months ago
Vintage Valentine’s Day Craft 3 months ago

Valentine’s Day crafts are perfect for your whole community - from children to retirement age adults. The holiday projects are also easy to tailor to everyone’s tastes. This ensures that your craft is one that all ages will enjoy.

Vintage-style materials

One way to keep everyone entertained is to incorporate vintage Valentine designs, clipart, and other unique elements in your projects. Vintage valentines are known for offering clever rhymes and messages, while also adding an element of nostalgia. You can use them as stand-alone cards, or mix vintage elements with modern embellishments like glitter glue and pretty scrapbook papers.

You can easily find pre-made vintage valentines online to use as templates. You can also search Pinterest for relevant vintage valentine images and ideas.

Consider pre-printing out vintage children’s valentines designs for residents to glue to cardstock and embellish with stickers, glitter, or and personalized messages. Dover even offers book and CD-ROM with digital clip art designs that you can print out for your residents to use on their handcrafted cards!

The website Vintage Holiday Crafts also has a fantastic collection of vintage Valentine elements including cherubs, hearts, roses, and Victorian designs.

Image source: Pinterest

***TIP*** To round out your vintage Valentine-making stations, consider purchasing a sample pack of patterned valentines-themed scrapbooking supplies, stickers, and tapes from your local craft store. Have lace and paper doilies on hand as well. These extra supplies will help your resident’s add a three-dimensional collage feel to their finished cards.

Image source: Hubpages

***TIP*** If you have a family-oriented resident community with lots of kids, make sure you keep the activities tailored to the abilities of the children. Ensure card craft is quick and easy for little hands: keep elements simple to put together and offer glue sticks for easy assembly.

***BONUS*** Organizing a making your own valentine craft with predominantly pink and red crafting supplies is one way to keep residents entertained, but you can also offer outside-the-box alternatives, colors, and supplies that will help your residents make truly unique card designs.