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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Love Poems & Heart-y Crafts
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Valentine’s Day Love Poems & Heart-y Crafts Hot

Written by Resident Events On  January 10, 2019   506   0
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Valentine’s Day Love Poems & Heart-y Crafts

With Valentine’s Day drawing close, we propose doing an event that would piqué your residents’ emotions and put them in the mood for the holiday. This romantic poetry event is perfect when paired with a fun, keepsake, craft! Ask your residents to bring along their partners and sweethearts to the event if they wish to as well.

Let the community members know that it will be a poetry event so that all the lovers of the written and spoken word can join in the fun.

The Poetic Extravaganza

Ask your residents to bring in and recite their favorite pieces of romantic poetry. The guests can also bring in poems that they’ve written themselves.

***TIP*** Ask your guests to dedicate a few lines of poetry to someone within the group, to make the event more enjoyable!


Image Source: Pixabay

It might be a good idea to borrow a few anthologies of love poems from a library or buy one here. This way, any residents who don’t have their own collection can still participate in the event!

***Bonus*** See if you can get someone to propose at your event!





Image Source: Pixabay

Serve Valentine’s Day-themed snacks such as heart-shaped cookies, Hershey’s Kisses chocolates, and hot beverages with heart-shaped froth or whipped cream!

Couple’s Silhouette Craft Activity

In addition to poetry, we also suggest doing a really simple yet striking craft activity (full instructions here), which would make an excellent keepsake or gift for loved ones. Ask residents to bring along printed pictures of their loved ones in a profile view. Or take pictures and print them off right there at the event!


Image Source: Favecrafts

For this activity, you’ll need to provide residents with:

·         Scissors

·         Pencils

·         Tracing paper

·         Glue

·         Cardstock


Image Source: Favecrafts

For this craft activity, instruct the guests to:

1.      Put the tracing paper on the pictures they have brought, and trace out the silhouette.

2.      Next, ask them to staple the paper with the traced silhouettes onto the card paper.

3.      Cut out the silhouettes one by one on the card paper.

Ask the guests to get creative with the images and make fancy frames or cards to place the silhouettes of themselves and their loved ones. You can also buy a few dozen Dollar Store frames along with some colorful Valentine’s Day themed scrapbook papers or wrapping papers for residents to use as the background for their silhouettes!

Residents are sure to enjoy getting into the holiday spirit with some love poem recitations, tasty holiday treats, and their cute keepsake gift for a loved one!


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