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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Valentine's Day

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Apartment Life
Written by Apartment Life  On  January 02, 2012   3595   2
Chocolate Extravaganza!
Valentine’s Day and chocolate seem to go hand in hand. Celebrate the holiday of love with a Chocolate Extravaganza! A chocolate fountain is ideal for this type of celebration. It provides a stunning centerpiece. Creating the chocolate to put in the fountain is fairly simple. You simmer cream over medium heat, then stir in chopped up pieces of chocolate. You can dip whatever you like into the chocolate fountain, but it is always ideal to have a variety of items ranging from sweet to salty to savory. You can pretty much use any type of fruit, but the most popular include strawberries, cherries, pineapple, berries, apples, tangerines, oranges, pears, dried fruit, peaches, pomegranate and figs. Other ideal dipping items include marshmallows, biscotti, gummy candies, gingerbread, sugar cookies, cubed brioche, baklava, fruitcake, chopped nuts (to sprinkle on dipped items) thick cut potato chips, Rice Crispies squares, pretzels,...
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Written by Guest  On  April 12, 2011   3251   2
Dessert Bar
We decided to do a Valentine's Day themed dessert bar. We had all kinds of desserts from cakes, cookies, candy, cupcakes, and even ice cream with red and pink sprinkles. We decorated the all kinds of hearts and red decorations throughout the clubroom.We also encouraged residents to bring their own Valentines themed dessert. It was a HUGE success, especially with the kids!
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Written by Nicole DePaul  On  January 24, 2011   2556   0
For Valentine's Day, show your residents how much you love them. Download some of the greatest and latest love songs and for about $1/unit, you can make a CD to give to your residents. Include the oldiest but goodies, and come up with a cute tagline related to your community name for the CD cover or disk. I just called a local company who had the CDs completed in a few days. We put We "heart" Our Residents and the community name on the disk, and made up a cute display for the jewel case.
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Written by Kim Kovach  On  January 18, 2011   3121   0
Cutest Couples Contest is for residents only. Make up a flyer and request that residents who want to enter bring a picture of themselves and their better half to the office. Decorate a front table for Valentine's Day and a poster board where you will display the cute couples. The contest doesn't have to be just for couples per se, it can be for a resident and their pup, or even two best friends. So if they don't have a beau, no worries. The winners will receive a Valentine's Day dinner for two at a local restaurant, which you can get them to donate if you market with them already, and of course in return, they get to splash their logo and restaurant info. on your Valentine's board for all to see. The fairest way to choose the winner is to just pick the...
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Milisa Crouch
Written by Milisa Crouch  On  January 13, 2011   2919   0
A social event to meet new "friends" :-). Cool to do around Valentine's Day. Set up clubhouse with one on one tables or areas to talk one on one. Have singles come in and speed date. Control the clock for when they need to move to the next person. Provide candy, snacks, drinks etc... at each station area. Provide notepads and pens and let them do all do the rest. You may want to have an easel up with ice breaker questions to help get everyone started. Great for larger communities!!!!
11 apartment party results - showing 6 - 10  
1 2 3  

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