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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Valentine's Day

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Milisa Crouch
Written by Milisa Crouch  On  January 13, 2011   3102   0
A social event to meet new "friends" :-). Cool to do around Valentine's Day. Set up clubhouse with one on one tables or areas to talk one on one. Have singles come in and speed date. Control the clock for when they need to move to the next person. Provide candy, snacks, drinks etc... at each station area. Provide notepads and pens and let them do all do the rest. You may want to have an easel up with ice breaker questions to help get everyone started. Great for larger communities!!!!
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Toni Gorcie
Written by Toni Gorcie  On  January 12, 2011   3335   3
Valentine's Day Bake Sale
Hosting a holiday Bake Sale can be considered children-friendly, charitable as well as a great opportunity to meet your neighbors! In the past, one of our Communities hosted a Bake Sale where each person prepared their favorite dessert and brought it to the scheduled Bake Sale. Each dessert, regardless of size and amount, was priced at $5.00. All proceeds were donated to a current company-wide fundraiser. An idea is to have the children (with the assistance of adults) help run the Cashier Station as well as purchase their favorite baked good. A Holiday Bake Sale can be held at any time of year, but with Valentine's Day right around the corner, this is a great event to start planning for! Also, you can encourage your residents to draw/color a picture with what they "LOVE" about living at your Community; if they bring it to the Bake Sale, they will get...
12 apartment party results - showing 11 - 12  
1 2 3  

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