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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Social Media Contests & Programs

Social Media Contests and Programs

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Resident Events
Written by Resident Events  On  July 28, 2013   2539   4
The ABC Game, Social Media Style
For those who have been on long road trips, you probably know the ABC game, where you have to spot each letter of the alphabet, finally getting to “Z” before anyone else in the car. Most of us know the pain of trying to get the dreaded letter “Q” when all you see are crops and cows! Well, this idea uses this basic concept, but applied to your Facebook Fan Page! The Rules: · Residents must take a picture of signs around town that include each letter of the alphabet, and post them to your fan page one by one. · Each picture/sign/location can only be used for one letter, so “Abracadabra Magic Shop” couldn’t be used for A,B,C, and D. (Also, multiple pictures...
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Written by Sarah DeBoer   On  July 28, 2012   2955   5
Send out your monthly newsletter advertise the BINGO game on your facebook, twitter, etc. Have them come to the office to pick up their unique BINGO card. As they follow you and/or log in daily to these sites you post the numbers drawn daily if they have it on their card they mark it off once they have a BINGO they call or come by the office to pick up their winnings. This does several things gets them active in the community, creates participitation and gets them on your social networks to read whats happening at your community.
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Courtney Holman
Written by Courtney Holman  On  July 18, 2012   4095   5
's Most Wanted Apartment
We like to have "Cedar Pointe's Most Wanted Apartment" contest on Facebook every year or so. We ask that residents who think they've got the best looking home take photos of their apartment and post on our facebook. The resident with the most "likes" wins! Benefits of Most Wanted Apartment Contest: *Keeps users engaged on your facebook page *Gives contestants and voters a deeper sense of community *Gives other residents and prospects decorating and furniture placement ideas *Provides the property with several different photos to be used in marketing *Increases the number of "likes" on the property's facebook page ***The photos below are actual photos submitted by our residents.
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Written by Andie  On  June 11, 2012   2794   2
A great idea to engage residents on your property's Facebook page is to have a monthly "Pet of the Month" contest where residents post pictures of their pet w/ name, age, breed. All submissions in by the 15th of every month and the drawing held no later than the 20th of the month. The winner then receives a pet gift bag filled with dog (or cat) treats, toys, a gift certificate for one grooming of the pet at a local pet shop (not a chain store! keep it local! business owner could probably donate this) and 1 waived pet fee (if applicable) If by chance you don't have a Facebook page, this can also work to just have residents email pictures or bring them into the office.
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Felicia Norman
Written by Felicia Norman  On  April 26, 2012   2776   1
Words With Residents
There are lots of Social Media games out there so I thought, why not have your residents compete with each other online? I think this would be really easy to get going...but you may need someone familiar with both computers and smart phones to help teach your residents how to take and send screen shots. So, invite everyone who plays something like "Words with Friends" to send you their user names if they would like to participate in a tournament... they don't have to share the rest of their identity with the community if they don't want to but you will need to know if you are to distribute any prizes. Put all the usernames into brackets and post it somewhere. Make it clear who is to start the game so that they're not both inviting each other at the same time. Something like "cutiejill...
15 apartment party results - showing 6 - 10  
1 2 3