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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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1 week ago
Succulents & Sunshine 1 week ago

Taking some time off to build their own terrariums is a fun and relaxing event for residents to let go of day to day stress. In early spring, getting back in the sunshine is also definitely a wonderful experience for everyone in your community.

Terrarium building will be an exciting event for residents of all age groups!

Materials Needed

·         Succulents (brightly colored)

·         Terrariums (or pots with adequate holes for water drainage)

·         Accessories such as big stones, ferns, lights etc.

·         Potting soil

·         Gravel and sand

·         Gloves

·         Scissors



Image source: Flower Stalk

If you’re trying to keep costs down, your terrarium-building activity can also be planned in two parts. Residents can first start their own succulents, and then later gather to plant and decorate their succulents in terrariums.

Below is a video demonstrating how to grow your own succulents from cuttings:

Decorating Terrariums


Image source: Garden Grove

While gardening comes naturally to some people, there may be others who feel intimidated or unsure about how to go about decorating their terrarium. Therefore, it’s a good idea to bring in an expert who can guide your residents with this activity.

Alternatively, here is a useful resource for beginners explaining how to build a succulent terrarium in four easy steps.

***BONUS*** This activity can also be used for team-building with your staff!



Image source: Tutsby

Giving everyone similar plants and decorations may get boring and monotonous. Therefore, we suggest you buy a variety of plants and decorations so everyone can go home with a unique terrarium. For example, glass terrariums come in different shapes and sizes such as jars, apple-shaped, hanging, wine glass, and wall-mounted.

It’s a good idea to allow the residents to experience and experiment with a variety of such containers and plants (or choose their favorite in advance). Most of these containers can be purchased online for under $20. You can also seek out suitable containers at thrift stores and yard sales.

Similarly, there are a number of different succulents suggested for terrariums. Many such plants will have bright attractive flowers and sturdy leaves. Here is another list of nine best succulents for terrariums. Purchase a variety of plants to keep the designs interesting.

You may give each person a terrarium-building kit or make teams (or families) of three or more people working on a single terrarium depending on the number of participants.


Remember, let your residents be creative, soak up the sunshine, and just immerse themselves in the process!

1 week ago
Easter Fiesta 1 week ago

Celebrate the Easter holiday with a night fiesta for the community residents.  The event should be vibrant with color and have activities for children, adults, and the elderly.

Easter Spa

Organize a special Easter Spa evening for the ladies. Celebrations and holidays are a good time to relax and rejuvenate from the daily routine. Set up a place where the women can unwind, get a massage and facials, and their nails painted in bright Easter colors as well!

***TIP*** Aromatherapy is a perfect add-on to the spa portion of the event.

Hair Color Station

In addition to the Spa, set up a station for temporary hair-coloring where the residents can get their hair colored in pastel colors. Teenage residents will especially love this station. 

Hair Chalk Brushes or temporary hair color sprays are a great idea for this station.

***TIP*** Keep spring and Easter-themed stencils on-hand for use with the spray-on washable hair dyes!

Easter Nail Art and Face Painting Station

Funky nail art and face paint is a hit with teens and younger adults during Easter. Create a station where people can get their Easter-themed face painting and nail art done!

You may have to call in professionals, or ask people from your resident community knowledgeable in face painting and nail art to volunteer!

Easter Craft Activities


Image source: Pixabay

Easter crafts are enjoyed by people of all ages. We suggest making a station for Easter craft activities that include: painting and decorating eggs, making Easter wreaths, crafting holiday cards, etc.

For this station, you will need eggs, paints, and other decorative items (e.g. beads, glitter, dried flowers, buttons, ribbons, lace etc.) Ask the participant to be simply creative and enjoy the process.

You can also take the egg-decorating a step further and get your residents set up for more complicated decorating techniques by hosting a Pysanky Easter egg decorating party. Another simple technique involves silk-tie-dying of Easter eggs!

Egg Potluck


Image source: Quill

Lastly, arrange for an egg-themed potluck dinner. Let the community members know in advance so that they can prepare and bring along a dish at the event.

***TIP*** Organize the potluck over the social media page so your residents know which dishes are already being made and they can add to the variety.

1 week ago
Earth Day Celebrations and Movie Night 1 week ago

Invite community residents to celebrate “Earth Day” on April 22 with an eco-friendly movie night and other fun activities. The events will help raise awareness among community members about choosing environmentally friendly habits and making the world we live in a better place.

Your movie night event can also be combined with a healthy trail-mix bar, or the Earth Day celebrations can be extended over a few additional days with other earth-friendly activities like planting a community garden or hosting a microgreens growing party.

Eco-friendly Movie Night

The highlight of your event is the eco-friendly movie night for residents! Outdoor movie time is exciting for kids, adults, and senior members of your community.

If you don’t have a large enough outdoor space within your community, the event can be held at a local park. Set up a screen, rent a movie projector, and ask the residents to bring along their own blankets, sheets, rugs, mats, and pillows.

***TIP*** Comfortable chairs can be set up at one side for elderly community members.



Image source: Kid 101

Suggested Earth Day movie titles include:

·         Earth

·         Avatar

·         Wall-e

·         The Lorax

·         Free Willy

·         To the Arctic

·         March of the Penguins

·         Monkey Kingdom

·         Winged Migration

·         Oceans

Set Up Healthy Snacks

           Image source: Pixabay

Keeping the theme of “Earth Day,” you can also arrange a healthy snacks for residents. For example, a trail-mix bar can be set up for the residents which include dried fruits, nuts, berries, pretzels, and popcorn. Alternatively, put out a salad bar or encourage a salad exchange potluck to reinforce healthy eating habits.

***TIP*** Ask the residents to bring along their own bowls and utensils (instead of disposable) for enjoying their eats during the event.

Planting a Community Garden


Image source: LH Garden Group

Starting a community garden will require some pre-planning and dedication from the community members and staff. Here’s a comprehensive guide to starting a community garden.

Residents and maintenance staff can work together to choose whether they would like to plant fruits, vegetables, herbs, or flowers in the garden…or a combination of all four!

You will need a variety of seeds or seedlings to plant as well as a designated area - ideally located in the center of your community - to plant trees, vegetables, flowers etc. You may want to ask the community residents who have a knack for gardening to come and assist with their knowledge.

Have staff construct raised beds to make the growing, watering, and harvesting process easier on both residents and staff over time.

***BONUS*** Ask residents to bring along their own garden tools, but have some of the basics available to borrow as well.

Remember, a community garden is a long-term investment in your community’s culture and aesthetic, so the more time and attention you put into it in the beginning, the bigger an asset it will be in the future!

2 weeks ago
Community Car Wash for a Cause 2 weeks ago

A community car wash event is a great way to raise funds for a local charity! Foster a spirit of community collaboration and corporate social responsibility among residents and employees with this “giving back” event.

Things You’ll Need

·         Buckets

·         Car washing soap

·         Sponges

·         Absorbent cloths/Towels

·         Water Hoses

·         Spray Bottles

·         Paper Towels/Newspaper

·         Microfiber towels

·         Glass cleaning spray/Newspaper

·         Other interior cleansers and sprays

·         Vacuums and attachments

·         Volunteers

Spread the Word

To get residents to volunteer, spread the word well in advance. This can be done through your community’s social media page, via email or newsletter, or via signs spread around the community in key gathering spots like mailboxes and laundry rooms.

Create a Station for Volunteer “Signup”

Set up a table in a high traffic area at least a week before the event. Invite residents to sign up for volunteer shifts on car wash day.

***TIP*** You may also assign some volunteers to help spread the word about the cause outside your community. This way, more people will bring their cars in to be washed on the appointed day.

Remember, you don’t have to only wash your residents’ cars. Signage placed outside the immediate community can bring in dirty cars (and potential new residents) from around your neighborhood as well!

Get the word out about the car wash for a cause in advance in the form of banners at your local gas station. You can also place signboards along other high traffic routes where people are likely to learn about the event in large numbers.

Where to Hold the Event

The event should be held in a community parking lot or a community ground that is easily accessible and visible to residents yet not in the way. Marking the area with cones, setting up the hoses, and preparing the space the evening before would be a good idea. It will also serve to remind residents that the fundraiser is being hosted to gather money for charity.

How-to’s of the Event


Image source:The Star

Pre-establish a minimum donation amount for your cause and create large signs. To ensure most residents can participate, it’s a good idea to keep the event running for several days.

However, this would also depend on how many volunteers you have as well as the number of hours they are willing to put in. If there are a lot of volunteers, you could assign each volunteer a one-hour or two hours shift over a whole weekend.

***TIP*** When planning for volunteers, make up teams of three to five volunteers who will work together at the same time.

Create an assembly line where cars are washed, rinsed, dried, and detailed from the inside (if needed, and for an additional donation). This way each volunteer will be more focused and efficient in completing the tasks at hand.

Post Pictures on Social Media

Post pictures of the event on your community’s social media pages as a gesture to thank the donors and volunteers, and also to help residents share the event.

If residents can’t attend the first year they may want to attend in the future! A lot of people may express that they want to participate next time, so be sure to collect their contact details in a spreadsheet for future events!

1 month ago
Healthy Living: Ketogenic Cooking Night 1 month ago


Here’s a tasty event for people who are conscious about their health as well as those who are fascinated with learning about the ketogenic diet. With growing awareness, a lot of people are interested in following Keto diets to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But what is the hype all about?


Image Source: Pixabay

Invite a Keto Expert

imageImage Source: Evensi

Look for a Keto expert in your city who can help residents understand the basics of what a Keto lifestyle is and give tips and culinary advice. Ask the expert to introduce the concept of a keto diet and its benefits to your residents. Those who are new to the concept can understand the basics.

Categorize the Dishes

When discussing recipes, categorize dishes into various categories such as:

·         ‘No cooking’ meals

·         Family meals

·         Packed lunches

·         Desserts

These categories will cover everything; easy, fast, meals; complex dishes; lunches for work or school; and desserts to quell the sweet tooth!

While it’s not feasible to instruct residents by cooking all of these recipes in one event – have the expert demonstrate a few dishes and then send residents home with recipes and book recommendations for more information.  There are also lots of online resources to recommend as well. 

***TIP*** If cooking on-site is not an option, show your residents a few short ketogenic recipe videos with a projector, like the one shown below.

***BONUS*** Additionally, make a weekly keto diet plan and cheat-sheet to distribute among your residents.  Here is a wonderful resource that can help you create weekly keto menus for your residents.

Invite Residents to Share their “Keto Journey”

If you have residents already practicing a ketogenic lifestyle for at least a few months, invite them to share their personal experiences with the other residents and answer questions.

Have a “Question and Answer” session

imageImage Source: Ketogenic Forums

Beginners tend to have a million questions about the Keto diet and lifestyle. Near the end of your event, leave time for a Q&A session so that new learners can get satisfying answers. You may also want to encourage residents to drop their questions in a bowl before the session. Only answer the questions you haven’t already answered during the event.

***BONUS*** Start a digital group (on Facebook or WhatsApp) for your local community residents interested in the Keto Diet. Having each others’ support and presence can be very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


And of course, bring (or make) enough food samples for everyone to try. Hope you have a tasty and healthy Keto-friendly event!

1 month ago
Celebrity Look-Alike Dress-up 1 month ago

Dressing up as a celebrity is an event that has great appeal for residents of all ages! This would be an amusing and exciting event both children and adults.

Ask the residents to dress up as any famous person or celebrity. Their best bet is if they choose a person whom they also resemble physically.

Don’t Limit The Age!

The event will be so much more fun if you encourage residents of all ages, including children to take part in the event as well. Don’t limit the children to copy only young celebrities: dressing up like adult celebrities also yields hilarious results.

Image Source: Heart

Start with Social Media

Ask the residents to share pictures of themselves and the celebrity they replicated to your community social media page with the hashtag #CelebrityLookAlike. See which participants get the most “likes” and reactions.


Image Source: BuzzFeed

Making it Real

Once the social media hype is created – ask the residents to attend an awarding event dressed up as their look-alike celebrity.  Remember to also invite the rest of the community: including all your residents who may not want to dress-up. Ask the “celebrities” to give out autographs to everyone.

Additional Ideas

Residents who don’t look like celebrities (or who don’t want to dress up like a celebrity) can also come in pairs – whether it’s a friend or sibling. Twinning up can be entertaining for everyone and will also help everyone feel as though they’re participating, even if they don’t look like anyone famous.


Image Source: SF Travel

Arrange a Photographer

Roll out a red carpet and enlist the help of a professional photographer to take photos of the residents with the “celebrities.”


Image source: Vanity Fair

***TIP*** Have residents give and receive autographs from the “celebrities.”

Give Awards

Arrange an award ceremony for the celebrities. Give out awards in different categories such as “Best Dressed,” “Pure Doppelganger,” “Youngest Look Alike” and so on.


You can also hold a resident vote for awarding their fan-favorite celebrity look-alike with a special prize. Enjoy your celebrity spotting!

1 month ago
Professional Networking Event 1 month ago

Everybody in your community is at different levels of professional growth and everyone still has something to learn from others! An exclusive professional networking event is a perfect way to connect all of the brilliant professionals living in your community. It also provides an opportunity for younger residents to learn from more senior professionals and vice versa.

Invite Everyone!

Invite everyone in the community to attend the event as their professional identity. Encourage business professional attire and have name tags or lanyards at the ready!

You’ll be surprised to see the diversity of successful professionals in your community that could range from lawyers and doctors to social workers, artists, culinary chefs, entrepreneurs, and more!


Image Source: Pixabay

Introduce Some Ice-breakers

It’s natural for people to be reserved in social settings and not mingle as much at first. Also, not everyone is social, so we suggest doing some ice-breaking games that will help everyone in the room learn more about each other! Try a few professional meet-up ice-breaking games that will help everyone to get to know each other quickly. 

One of the Ice-breakers we highly recommend is “Who are you?” In this fun game, the participants are given a piece of paper and a pen to write something interesting about themselves. The papers are gathered face down on the middle of the table. One resident picks up and reads a paper aloud while other residents guess who the description belongs to.

***BONUS*** Give small rewards to residents who make correct guesses.

Arrange a Desk for People Looking for Job Opportunities


Image Source: Pixabay

There may be fresh graduates at the event who are looking for jobs or others who are looking for a career transition. We suggest arranging space at your event where professional job seekers are able to interact, exchange knowledge, read each other’s resumes, offer advice, and benefit each other.

***TIP*** Ask everyone to bring along and exchange their business cards or copies of their resumes.

Invite a Career Specialist

Another key person to invite to your event is a career specialist, career counselor, or recruiter, who can speak with residents in search of career advice and resume help.  The career counselor can guide the residents regarding jobs available according to their skills. You can also invite the specialist (and other professionals in your community) to give 5-10 minute presentations on a topic that they pitch you in advance. Much like a business professional club meet up, this will give you a chance to choose presentation topics that will benefit your community residents the most.

While the main goal of this event is to get your residents interacting in a professional capacity, and updating their resumes, the bonus lies in the friendships that will be formed. Community camaraderie and respect will grow! We hope you have a successful networking event.

2 months ago
2 months ago
Senior and Junior Reading Time 2 months ago

Most elderly people absolutely adore children, so this fun event involves senior citizens along with children up to 10 years of age! The idea is to have a reading session and some craft activities – such as scrapbooking or card making – to involve both senior residents and little children in your community.

Sometimes, in old age, seniors can feel lonely, left out, and purposeless as their friends and family members pass away and they become increasingly immobile. Feelings of loneliness and purposelessness can cause sadness and depression among older individuals. Planning such activities occasionally will help them feel fresh and joyful.


Image Source: The Conversation  

Finding Seniors (or Kids)

Depending on your community’s demographics, you may need to hunt down a fun group of seniors (or kids) for a successful event. Consider partnering with local preschools, private schools, and retirement communities as needed to make the event possible!

Storytelling and Reading Activity

Reading and storytelling are activities which older people love to do while small children love to listen! Kids can be asked to bring along their favorite storybooks.

To make it even more fun, seniors can be asked to bring the storybook characters to life. Ask a group of senior members to enact the characters with simple costumes or props to make the event more fun for both children and elders.

***TIP*** Host this event at a community library or a local retirement community. You can even make it part of your regular monthly routine!

Scrapbooking with Seniors


Image Source: A Vegas Girl at Heart

Another fun activity involves making abstract art and preserving memories through scrapbooking. This allows the seniors and children to indulge in their creative spirit and enjoy the art-making process.

For this activity, provide the residents and other attendees with:

·         Colorful papers

·         Stamps

·         Paint, markers, and crayons

·         Scissors

·         Glue

You can encourage youngsters and elders to bring pictures for scrapbooking, or just let the participants create anything they wish. The process itself will be carefree and therapeutic for both the children as well as the older participants. The seniors can be asked to assist the children and teach them how to work through the crafts, but do also have other adults on hand to help!

***TIP*** Ask the senior members to assist children with cutting, since they may not have a good grip with scissors.

This video shows how little children and older adults can mutually benefit and help each other by doing fun activities together:

The children and seniors in your community will surely all benefit from each other’s skills, experience, and perspectives on life. Have a fantastic gathering!

2 months ago
Catch the Wellness Wave - Weekend Wellness Festival 2 months ago

With the New Year in full swing, community residents may have made resolutions for becoming healthy and fit. A weekend wellness festival can help your residents get their health screenings done, learn about keeping healthy, and enroll in fitness classes – all under one roof!



Health and Fitness Trivia and Raffle

To get started, you can organize an interactive question and answer session with your residents and also ask health- and fitness-related trivia questions.

Put names into a raffle and give out a fully stocked “health and fitness basket” to one lucky winner that answered correctly. Ask local health-affiliated businesses to sponsor the event and donate items to the raffle!

Introduce High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Fitness Classes


Image source: Pixabay

Create a schedule of adrenaline-inducing high-intensity interval training (HIIT) fitness classes. Offer a taste of various local fitness classes on-site in partnership with nearby gyms and fitness centers.

Depending on interest and engagement, you can also support the creation of a resident-only weekly or monthly recurring group fitness event right inside your community!

***BONUS*** Start a special fitness program for senior residents to help them stay active and engaged.

Mindfulness Training


Image source: Ecozine

Ask local mental health practitioners to deliver workshops and training on mindfulness. In today’s stressful world, mindfulness is an important technique for dealing healthfully with overwhelm and anxiety. Take this opportunity to help your residents learn about the various mindfulness techniques available to them.

On-site health screenings

A major component of your Wellness Festival should include inviting various health-related associations. This will allow your residents to avail of on-site health screenings and check-ups. Here is a list of experts you may want to call to the event:

·         American Heart Association

·         American Red Cross

·         American Diabetes Association

·         American Lung Association

·         County Health Department

·         Car Seat Safety Check experts

·         Dieticians

·         Personal trainers

***TIP*** Make a booth for senior citizens, veterans, students, and other underserved populations where residents can get a complete checkup by a GP or nurse practitioner done in one place!

Health Conscious Food and After-Party Boutique


Image source: Pixabay

Provide your residents with a variety of healthy food options. It’s a great opportunity to contact local eateries, caterers, food trucks, juice bars, and cafes, to join your event (even to sell their food to residents). This way, residents will become more aware of the healthier food providers available in your local community.

Make space for health and fitness resident businesses at your event!Rent out tables or booths to community residents who have businesses in the health and fitness niche. This will both help you generate income to fund the event and also give residents a chance to pitch their products and services in your community. Additionally, it will also raise awareness in your community about the local products and items that may be available right next door!

While planning and organizing a wellness event is a large undertaking, it can easily be made into a yearly tradition! And it will definitely be worth all your efforts.


The event will provide the residents with brilliant support and motivation to remain fit throughout the year and your health screenings and car seat checks may even save a life!

2 months ago
Grilled Cheese Bar & Lease Renewal 2 months ago

Is there any better way to get your community residents to re-sign their leases than over a cup of warm coffee and a grilled cheese bar? We bet there isn’t!

If you’re looking to get residents to renew their lease agreements, we suggest dedicating a mouthwateringly enticing event to the task. This way, your community residents will be able to socialize with each other, have fun, and renew their agreements in a laid-back, hassle-free, yet systematic way!


Image Source: Pixabay

Inform Your Residents

Be sure to inform all the residents about the event by sending in notices or texts well beforehand so that they can make themselves available.

If you schedule the event during a holiday or local school break, it may also be a good idea to invite the residents and with their children/families.

Set up a specially decorated desk near the entrance of the room for renewals, have a dedicated staff member present for typing, bookkeeping, and making copies of the signed documents. You can also ask the residents to collect their renewals after the event. 

***TIP*** Ask the residents to come with copies of any documents that need updating when they come!

How to Organize the Grilled Cheese Bar


Image Source: Blonde Bombchelle

For the juiciest, meltiest, grilled cheese bar, you’ll need:

·         A small flat grill, sandwich maker, or hotplate and frying pan

·         Spatulas and/or tongs

·         A variety of cheese, bread, and fillings

·         Plenty of butter for cooking

·         A large buffet table

·         A dedicated staff member to help residents warm and grill their sandwiches

·         Plates and napkins

Allow the residents to select their own bread, fillings, and cheese. Alternatively, you can also mention some pre-defined bread and topping combinations if you know your residents tend to be indecisive.

Here is a useful resource for making excellent combinations of grilled cheese sandwiches.

Coffee Corner


Image source: Pixabay

Last, but not least, end the event with a warm cup of cappuccino. Use this time to ask the residents if they would like to see any changes or improvements in the community in the coming year!

For best results, ask specific questions about known problem areas (e.g. “What changes would you like to see in the community pool?” or “What can we do to improve the community park?”) You can also ask open-ended questions and/or invite residents to submit anonymous suggestions.

Make a Suggestion Box

Ask the residents to put in their suggestions and or complaints in the box. This way, residents’ concerns can be heard and improvements can be made in due course. Reassure the residents that all their suggestions will be read and discussed with management.


***BONUS*** For common themes or suggestions that come up, community voting (or voting on social media) can be done to see how many residents are in favor of a particular change or against it! Use the discussions you start during the event to fuel dialog with your residents year-round!

2 months ago
Valentine’s Day Love Poems & Heart-y Crafts 2 months ago

With Valentine’s Day drawing close, we propose doing an event that would piqué your residents’ emotions and put them in the mood for the holiday. This romantic poetry event is perfect when paired with a fun, keepsake, craft! Ask your residents to bring along their partners and sweethearts to the event if they wish to as well.

Let the community members know that it will be a poetry event so that all the lovers of the written and spoken word can join in the fun.

The Poetic Extravaganza

Ask your residents to bring in and recite their favorite pieces of romantic poetry. The guests can also bring in poems that they’ve written themselves.

***TIP*** Ask your guests to dedicate a few lines of poetry to someone within the group, to make the event more enjoyable!


Image Source: Pixabay

It might be a good idea to borrow a few anthologies of love poems from a library or buy one here. This way, any residents who don’t have their own collection can still participate in the event!

***Bonus*** See if you can get someone to propose at your event!





Image Source: Pixabay

Serve Valentine’s Day-themed snacks such as heart-shaped cookies, Hershey’s Kisses chocolates, and hot beverages with heart-shaped froth or whipped cream!

Couple’s Silhouette Craft Activity

In addition to poetry, we also suggest doing a really simple yet striking craft activity (full instructions here), which would make an excellent keepsake or gift for loved ones. Ask residents to bring along printed pictures of their loved ones in a profile view. Or take pictures and print them off right there at the event!


Image Source: Favecrafts

For this activity, you’ll need to provide residents with:

·         Scissors

·         Pencils

·         Tracing paper

·         Glue

·         Cardstock


Image Source: Favecrafts

For this craft activity, instruct the guests to:

1.      Put the tracing paper on the pictures they have brought, and trace out the silhouette.

2.      Next, ask them to staple the paper with the traced silhouettes onto the card paper.

3.      Cut out the silhouettes one by one on the card paper.

Ask the guests to get creative with the images and make fancy frames or cards to place the silhouettes of themselves and their loved ones. You can also buy a few dozen Dollar Store frames along with some colorful Valentine’s Day themed scrapbook papers or wrapping papers for residents to use as the background for their silhouettes!

Residents are sure to enjoy getting into the holiday spirit with some love poem recitations, tasty holiday treats, and their cute keepsake gift for a loved one!

2 months ago
2 months ago
New Year Celebration Bonfire Night 2 months ago

Looking to plan a festive event to welcome the New Year? Try a bonfire night with games and campfire food! The goal is to have an evening full of fun and start off the year right making happy memories. We suggest starting the bonfire at dusk and keep it going ‘til 10 PM.

The combination of different types of music with an outdoor evening event is magical! You can either ask guests to bring their own instruments – like drums and guitars – or you can curate some music yourself for the event.


New Year Games

New Year Predictions

At the start of the event, arrange for several ice-breaking games!  For example, ask your residents to write down some anonymous predictions for the New Year. Have everyone to put their predictions in a bowl. Then, one by one, pick out a random prediction to read aloud.

***TIP*** You could also provide some prompts for predictions, or mention a few subjects to stay away from (e.g. avoiding religion and politics) to keep the event lighthearted and fun.

Two Resolutions and a Lie

Another entertaining game to play involves asking residents to tell others about three resolutions for the New Year, out of which two of them are true but one is a lie. The residents should guess which one of the resolutions is a lie.


Image Source: Wonderful Wellies

Ribbon Dancing

Take your community evening to the next level! For this activity, you’ll need several ribbons cut into three-foot lengths.

Hold all the ribbons in the center and have all the guests clutch an end of a ribbon. The two people holding the ends of the same ribbon will have to be partners for a dance. It’s especially fun when there are some unusual pairings.

***TIP*** Repeat the ribbon pairings more than once to add more chances for laughs and fun.

Bonfire Snacks


Image Source:  Survival Life

No bonfire is complete without appropriate food and snacks to go with it. Offer traditional campfire grub to your residents to make the event fun and delicious! In addition to the main bonfire, a smaller fire or barbeque can be lit in another area to prepare the food such as hot dogs, marshmallows, and campfire popcorn.

Stew can also be a wonderful treat for a winter bonfire. We suggest preparing Brunswick Stew to leave the guests with a full warm belly and happy memories. For sweets, these easily prepared Fried Nutella ball treats would be wonderful for kids and adults alike!

4 months ago
Snow Bowling 4 months ago

Among the joys of winter are ice and snow sports! The combination of sun and snow is just perfect to enjoy a day outdoors.

Select a day with sunshine to have a Snow Bowling tournament along with other fun snow activities with your community residents.

While bowling is usually an indoor sport, bowling outside in the snow can be simply spectacular!

Break the Ice

Locate a large open space with lots of snow. Make a lane (or multiple lanes) through the snow using a shovel. Smooth down your bowling lane using a large wooden board or sleds. Then set up your 10 pins in a 1/2/3/4 triangle.

Use real bowling balls and bowling pins for tournament play!

***TIP*** Call bowling alleys for supplies! They often sell or donate used bowling pins for cheap.


Image Source: Vilaswi

How to Play

For fun (and not tournament play) make two teams of people and allow each person to have two turns to hit as many pins as possible. Make a note of the team with the most pins knocked over and offer a gift at the end. Also, to make the event more thrilling, you could put a time limit on the shots each player can take.

The winning team can then be further divided into two teams who will play against one another. Similarly, individual competitions among community residents can also be held.

If you have a limited number of players, you can also start a true bowling game. Here are some scoring rules for briefing your residents. It may be helpful to print out and laminate a few copies. You can also download and print your score sheets here.

***TIP*** Remind the residents to wear non-slip boots, warm coats, and waterproof gloves to avoid accidents and frostbite.

Pair Bowling with Other Snow Activities

The event may also be paired up with other games such as snow tug-of-war. Tug-of-war is fun as it is! Imagine the amusement of people plopping down in heaps of slushy snow. 


Image Source: Pinterest

For snow tug-of-war you will need:

·         A large open space of snow

·         A long rope

·         Two (roughly) equal size and strength teams

Here’s a video showing how fun a game of snow tug-of-war can be.




4 months ago
Food Truck Fridays 4 months ago

Here’s another fun suggestion for residents: a food truck every Friday!

Everybody loves food! And eating out without having to go out is also a great way to socialize with other members of the community right near home.

Arranging a food truck every week is a wonderful way to bring the community together to share a delicious meal they may not have ordinarily tried. It can introduce your community members to new things, and even open up intercultural dialog over a shared love: FOOD!

When choosing your visiting trucks, ensure the prices of the available dishes are reasonable to your average resident. This way more community members can participate.

Also, be sure to get the word out well in advance and post many reminders for residents so the food truck owners are able to make coming into your community worth their while!


Image Source: YaleDailyNews

Select Trucks with an Attractive Exterior

To make a good impression, and also to attract more people to the food truck, it is essential that the look of the truck stands out. 

To help the owners of the truck you can supply extra waterproof decorations such as:

·         Balloons

·         Fairy lights/Christmas lights

·         Fake vines

·         Flags and banners

·         Tiki lights

·         Or other culture-specific and cuisine-specific decorations!

Add other eye-catching decorations around the truck and at the gate of your community to give the visiting food truck a festive and inviting look.

You can also set up outdoor seating if the weather is suitable, or set up tables and chairs indoors for residents to munch on their meals.

Locate a Parking Spot

Select a spot that in your community that’s high traffic so community members will see the parked truck. Parking the truck next to the office or community center is a great option. Ideally, the surrounding space should also be large enough to accommodate modest seating as well!

Posting a signboard or sandwich board by the gate will help with visiability and serve as a reminder that it’s Food Truck Friday. It’s a great visual reminder, since parking the truck next to the gate will disrupt the traffic flow and be impractical.


Image Source: Restaurant Engine

What to Serve

Mobile food trucks serve a variety of things from fast-food to ice-cream. However, it’s best to notify residents of the menu and pricing in advance so they can plan accordingly.

For instance, in winter, people love having anything warm – so a food truck that serves spicy dishes, or soups and other hot beverages is ideal!

And while residents will always love on-the-go hot food - such as French fries, cheeseburgers, tacos, and hot dogs - don’t be afraid to bring in more unique, artisanal, and ethnic trucks into your community.  

***TIP*** You may want to add freebies to your food truck such as candies for kids, or a few free meals to the first few visitors, to ensure more people turn out.

Take a Poll!

You know your community best, and you should feel open to suggestions from them as well.

Ask for truck recommendations or hold a vote for what types of food your community wants to see next. Keep changing it up with lots of variety until you hit on what works best for your residents!