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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

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Community Photo Scavenger Hunt yesterday

One of the best ways to show off the fun and beauty of your community is to challenge residents to post selfies or photos of themselves at different places around the premises.

You can frame it as a photo contest and award prizes for the best photos, or simply have residents complete the scavenger hunt for all listed locations. This will both help build your resident’s sense of belonging and help showcase to residents all that you offer on the premises.


Organizing the Scavenger Hunt


Make a list of the locations in your community that you most want to show off.



Image source: Pixabay


You can encourage residents to take artistic, funny, or interesting pictures of areas all around the community.


Here are some ideas…


·         Pool/Hot tub

·         Gym/Workout equipment

·         Tennis court

·         Office

·         Computer station/Printer

·         Basketball court

·         Doggy park area

·         Meeting hall

·         Clubhouse

·         Laundry rooms

·         Lounge areas

·         Benches

·         Walkways

·         Parking lot

·         Playground

·         Trees/bushes/flowers

·         BBQ grill areas

·         Front gate

·         Mailboxes

·         Staff

·         Other residents

·         And even inside residents’ apartments!


Design and print checklists of your most preferred amenities, and give prizes to the first person to complete the scavenger hunt. You can also hold a drawing for all the residents who participate and complete the activity.


Submitting Photos



Image source: Pixabay


There are a few ways to organize the contest depending g on your preferences and how you want to showcase the photos.



Email is useful if you want to have full control over both where the videos are displayed and their captions. Once residents email you their entries, you can upload the videos yourself to a dedicated album. You will also be able to add your own captions when (and if) it comes time for voting.


Social Sharing


Social tagging of your community on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other social platforms - and perhaps including a specific hashtag you create yourself, for example “#YourCommunutyPhotoContest2018” - will help you easily search for and find the entries that residents are submitting.

The upside of social sharing entries is that you will reach more of their friends and followers when residents post the image(s) themselves. The downside is that you have little control over your public image or the captions added by residents. If you have a “rowdy” community this may not be the best way to go.


Rivet Works


Rivet works is a paid program that allows you to collect the user-submitted content of various types. You can then approve or decline the entries before they are ultimately displayed in collectors placed on key selling pages of your website.

You can also make collectors that do not display images at all. You can use the collector for residents to quickly submit their entries to the contest in a simplified and organized way.


Rivet works is a great option if you intend to share the images on your website. It’s also a great choice if you want to make a fun and artistic photo gallery to showcase your community “through your resident’s eyes.”


Encouraging a wide-range of resident submitted photos of your community will allow you to feature photos of your community’s amenities to your social pages in a fun and interesting way! Have fun scavenger hunting for all your best community amenities!

7 days ago
7 days ago
Herb Garden Planting Party 7 days ago

Celebrate Herb and Spices Day on June 10 by encouraging community residents to plant an herb garden of their own!


Planning Your Event


There are a few different ways to organize the event.

1) You can encourage participating residents to both bring and share their own supplies. This is cost effective to the organizers but may be a deterrent to some residents who want a done-for-them activity.


2) Have residents pre-register for a nominal fee. This way you can get an accurate headcount for the event and also provide the needed supplies to pre-registrants.


**BONUS** If space permits, consider starting an actual full community herb and vegetable garden for residents to contribute to, and harvest from in the fall!


Seeds or Seedlings


Planting from seed is more economical, but does take more time to see results.


If you really want to make a splash with residents, consider purchasing seedlings for replanting in larger pots or small container gardens. This way, residents can proudly take their new herb gardens home at the end of the event and immediately enjoy the results.


Choose Your Plants



Image source: Pixabay


Consider all the favorite, indispensable herbs and also have residents ask themselves the question, “What do I most want to be eating this summer?” Encourage residents to plant the herbs that will help them cook the dishes they love the most!

Here is a rundown of some of the herbs you may want to make available to your community:



Basil - Do you like rich sauces and caprese salads? Basil is a gift that never stops giving.

Parsley - This plant is another flavorful addition to a number of common dishes - including most everything Italian, and pesto!

Dill - If you enjoy pickled foods, don't skimp on the dill, plant more than you think you'll need.

Chives - For a fresh, oniony flavor in breakfast omelets, veggies, and topped on baked potatoes, plant a handsome supply of chives. You can also use them as part of a nice steak rub when blended with some butter.

Remember that chives come back more aggressively each year so that it something to keep in mind when planning your planting space.

Mint - Speaking of hardy herbs, mint is fantastic for some drinks and desserts. However, it’s better to grow mint in containers. Left unsupervised and wild, mint can take over your whole garden.

Cilantro - If salsas, guacamole, or South Asian cuisine are your specialty, plant some cilantro to prepare for those family get-togethers.

Thyme and Rosemary - Both are strong in flavor and scent and are used in meat, poultry, and fish recipes.

Lavender - Lavender is another fun plant to grow if you want to experiment with aromatics or try its palate-cleansing flavor.

Lemongrass - This is a must for many Southeast Asian dishes and for use in your green smoothies.

Planting Your Herbs

Here are some step-by-step instructions for a DIY home herb garden:

Planting herb gardens is a great family activity for growing both indoor and outdoor herbs. Whether in pots on patios or planted in the ground, this is a healthy and fun activity for all communities.

2 weeks ago
Father’s Day BBQ Rub and Marinade Meet-Up 2 weeks ago

Ever wanted to know what goes into those magical sauces and secret rubs? Well, now you can swap recipes!

Invite all the dads in your community for a hands-on grilling and marinade meet-up. All men who love to cook can mix up some sauces and spice mixes from scratch to create their own signature sauce style!


Making the Marinades


The goal of this event is to get men making their own healthy marinade and sauce recipes. Fathers can use fresh, in-season, ingredients like fruits, herbs, and spices - instead of bottles of sauces and marinades from the store.


You can enlist the help of a local chef, or try any of these five must-learn recipes for a super starter marinade list.

Grill Party


After marinating your meat overnight, considering having a grill party the next afternoon or evening for some added entertainment and fun!


Host a Grill and Chill party or cookout as a bonus get-together part of this event! Check out our grilling tips for tailgating parties and the Grilling Party Steak Edition community event for more ideas.





Image source: Pixabay


Every grill party is in need of BBQ sides. Have dads bring their best side dishes and condiments to share - and don't forget to write down the recipes!


Recipe Exchange


As part of this community event, keep lots of traditional recipe cards handy for dads to swap secret recipes! You can print some simple and free recipe cards, or purchase a few packs of rugged, water-resistant recipe cards to make the event more fun for dads!



Image source: Pixabay (meat on skewers)


A recipe exchange is great for learning new marinade and sauce secrets. But they can also be used to swap recipes for the salsas, dips, and other side dishes the dads bring to this Father’s Day event.


With some planning and prep (and some salt bae flair) this event is sure to be a hit with all the men in your community! Now, go grill up a storm!



3 weeks ago
“Best of” Pizza Vote 3 weeks ago

They say everybody’s a critic - and nowhere are we more critical than when it comes to our favorite foods!

At this community event, you’ll be sharing pizza samples from a variety of local pizza venues and allowing your residents to pick their favorite ones!

Announce the event

Let residents know well in advance you will be holding a vote and doing pizza sampling in your community on a certain day. Weekends or evenings usually work best for an event like this.

Gather the pizza

This event is a great opportunity to network with local restaurants. It can help you form partnerships and friendships for other possible events.

Approach local pizza places and ask them for a sample pizza (or two or three) for sharing with your residents. Explain the event and share what you'll be doing.

Most family-owned and franchise pizza parlors will be happy to contribute a few pizzas to the event free of charge. However, you can always purchase the pizzas to share with your residents as well.

Take pictures


Image source: Pixabay

Before residents dig into the samples and there is nothing left to shoot, take some Instagram-worthy pictures of each pizza. These will help you remind residents what the winners looked (and tasted like). It will also give you some images to use on social media and for advertising next year’s event.

You can also use the pictures to make fun social graphics for each of the winning pizzas in your community.


Image Source: Pixabay

Serve the pizza

Next, cut the pizza into small slices and serve to residents on small paper plates for easy sampling.

Hand out the cards with the plate. To make the voting easier, you can also pre-number the plates (and number the pizza companies as well). This way each resident will know which sample is which. Make sure everyone has a voting card and pen or pencil as noted below.

Prepare the voting

Ensure that the voting cards are clear and easy to read. Create large boxes for each of the pizza companies participating and create a tally box as well for collecting the completed entries.

Have residents rank the pizzas from 1 = the least tasty pizza to 5 = the best!

If you have more than five pizza companies available for sampling, extend the numbering and voting as needed.

Leave space on the cards for residents to write notes about each pizza as they sample them.

Tally the votes

At the end of the voting process, you can simply add up the total number votes for each pizza chain. The top three pizza chains with the top three scores win!

This job can be assigned to a staff member or a willing couple of community members to count and validate the votes.

Share the winners!

Announce your community favorites (and notify the winning pizza company as well).

You can also ask the winning pizza companies if they would like to offer special pizza coupons and discounts to residents as part of winning (or placing) at the pizza vote event.


Have fun and happy pizza sampling!

4 weeks ago
Memorial Day Kids Book and Craft 4 weeks ago

To celebrate Memorial Day in your community, organize a story time and craft that honors those who sacrificed in the name of honor and duty. This respectful and somber treatment of the holiday is sure to show honor and respect to our nation’s soldiers so that they are always remembered and never forgotten.

Memorial Day Book


Read aloud a few passages about Memorial Day from a respectfully illustrated kids book like Memorial Day by Trudi Strain Trueit. After your read aloud story time and discussion you can honor the day with some fun and meaningful crafts.



Memorial Day Crafts


Thank You Cards for Veterans



Image source: Project Nursery


As part of your craft activities, consider organizing a card-making activity for veterans living in your local community. Here are some printable cards with simple instructions.


You can find more ideas for Memorial Day veteran’s thank you cards like this cute thank you card in the form of dog-tags.


After the cards are made and decorated, children can keep them to give to the veterans they know. Encourage children to decorate extras, then collect all the cards and drop them off to veterans. The locations you choose can include a local veterans group, a local assisted living facility, retirement community, or your nearest VA hospital.


Encourage the staff at such facilities to share and distribute the cards with the most deserving members of their community (or the patients in most need of some cheering up!)


Patriotic Sun-catcher



Image source: A Little Pinch of Perfect


This patriotic sun-catcher will look great hanging in windows all across your community. It's also simple, inexpensive, and easy for small hands (and parents) to do.


This simple Memorial Day craft only requires a few materials:

  • Construction paper or colored cardstock
  • Clear contact paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Star confetti or star punch and white printer paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Exact-o knife or scissors


Click here for full craft instructions.


If you're looking for more hand-on activities, check out these additional red, white, and blue craft ideas.


Memorial Day Munchies



Image source: Pinterest


Looking for some simple snacks to include at your event, here is a patriotic cheese and cracker snack tray lay-out that is sure to impress!




1 month ago
1 month ago
Give a Lucky Penny Day 1 month ago

May 23 is Lucky Penny Day and the best way to celebrate is to send residents on their way in the morning with a bit of good (penny) luck!


The Origins of the Lucky Penny



Image source: Pixabay


In American culture, finding a penny is traditionally considered lucky. The rhyme that explains this is, "Find a penny, pick it up, and all the day you'll have good luck."


But you don't have to wait to find a dirty penny on the ground (like this eagle-eyed lady that's found hundreds over the years). You can actually just give them away to celebrate “Lucky Penny Day.”


Spread the Good Luck!


Everyone can use a bit of extra good luck, so spread the cheer with this fun and simple event.


The best part of the lucky penny event is its super low cost. Aside from the shiny new pennies (which only cost, you guessed it, $.01 each) you don't have to add much expense.


You may want to buy little craft baggies to package them up with some glitter or a motivational message as you give them away.


If you're feeling generous, you can also mix in some extra special surprises to a few lucky residents. Just add some special motivational notes, coupons, gift certificates, or other “bonuses” throughout the packages when giving out the lucky pennies.


Giving the Pennies Away



Image source: Pixabay


For this simple, inexpensive, and fun event either give out “lucky” pennies at the gate in the morning, or invite residents to come by the office and pick one up.


You can also combine this with another breakfast giveaway like fruit and granola bars or a morning coffee bar in the clubhouse.


**BONUS** Ask residents to share their answers on social media to the question, “What are you lucky to have in your life?” with your own community hashtag like #LuckyAtRiverside or #LuckyAtTheRidge for even more fun!

Hope you have a lucky day!


1 month ago
Start a Mothers Meetup Day 1 month ago

If you have a family-friendly community you may have more stay at home moms living there than you realize!

To celebrate Mother’s Day this year, host a get together for all moms and moms-to-be. It’s a great way to celebrate motherhood with your stay-at-home-moms (SAHMs) in your community


One of the main benefits of such an event is that it’s easily scheduled during open office hours. None of your staff will need to stay late.


For the moms feeling like shut-ins at home, it’s great to hold it during regular working hours to encourage companionship and fun!


Activities for Moms


There are a ton of terrific mom-friendly event ideas. Consider adding some of them into the mix!

You could:



It’s best if you can host an event where the kiddos will be occupied with their own activities in another part of the room. So if you want to create a more holistic and toddler-friendly event, you can include any of the many art and craft activities we have on this site as well!


Activities for Kids



Image source: Pixabay (Mother son bubbles)


For maximum fun, encourage any kids that come to complete a project of their own!


You can have the kids:



The goal here is to give moms a chance to meet up and get to know each other while engaging in a fun activity they (or their kids) will enjoy!


**BONUS** One of the great things about this event is that it can be a one-off event to celebrate Mother’s Day. However, it can easily be made into a recurring event. Consider turning it into a monthly-get together where moms can “talk shop” and mingle.


Make the event a toddler-friendly place moms can come with their children in tow to participate in a get-together or have some light snacks.

2 months ago
Mismatched Sock Party 2 months ago

Celebrate your single socks with a fun mismatched sock party.


May 9 is National Lost Sock Memorial Day. It's a day to mourn the socks we've lost (where do they get to anyway?) And rejoice in those that are still with us today!


But for the single socks, it's time to get a new life. The aim of this event is to repurpose some of the unmatched singles into useful items for the home.


The crafts


To upcycle your socks into new things you can make items like:


Rice filled hot and cool packs



Image source: Pexels


  • Gather up all your old make-missing socks and check for any holes or worn areas.
  • Read over and complete these step-by-step instructions.


Use the uncooked rice-filled socks as warmers or in place of ice-packs to soothe as needed. Rice-filled socks are a fun and colorful way to warm up or cool down as needed (and kids love them!)


Recycled sock coffee cozies



Image source: Splash of Something


No-sew coffee cozies make a fun upcycled craft. These coffee cozies also make great presents for the eco-conscious coffee drinker in your life! Click here for directions.


Sock doughnuts


These are a super cute and no-sew project way to upcycle socks into something unrecognizable! They can be that is can be used as pin cushions, decorations, or even filled with rice and used as hand warmers.



There are a ton of other sock projects for the craft-inclined like:

  • Sock monkeys, sock snakes, and other animals.
  • Doorstops, draft-protectors, and more.


**TIP** Keep things like felt, colored yarn, large sewing needles, glue guns, pens, and scissors on-hard for residents to make their creations.


Encourage your residents to share pictures of their finished products with you or capture a few clicks of everyone hard at work yourself!


Remember, no matter what sock-crafts you put together, have a sock-tacular day!

2 months ago
Furry Friend Day 2 months ago


Image source: Pixabay (boy cat hug)


How much do your residents love their furry feline friends? A lot right? They’ve got their artsy photos on their Instagram, and pet + owner selfies as their DP. They probably don’t need another reason to celebrate the joy they bring to their lives, but if they do, here’s how!

May 3rd is Hug Your Cat Day and June is also Adopt a Cat Month so what better way to celebrate with your residents than allowing some extra special cat time!



Share Those Feline Selfies



Image source: Pixabay (girl kittens)


One of the easiest ways to celebrate your feline friends is to encourage posting a lot of selfies on hug your cat day. Have your residents tag you on Instagram and then share your favorite pictures on your community profile!


Encourage residents ahead of time and remind them to share a hug with their favorite cat. When they share their pictures, you can even award prizes for the cats that are the most grumpy, longest hair, shortest hair, cutest face, largest, etc. to encourage participation.


Give out prizes like gourmet cat food, cat toys, leashes, scratching posts, and gift cards to your nearest pet store. You can also partner with a local pet store to give even bigger and better rewards!


Sponsor a pet adoption



Image source: Pixabay (shelter cat)

If your community allows pets like dogs and cats and other furry friends in your community, consider sponsoring a pet adoption at your facility in conjunction with a local no-kill animal shelter.


You can encourage pet parents to adopt right in your community (and make sure they pay the extra pet deposit on the spot as well). You can also waive the pet deposit in an effort to get more adoptions!


Either way, the goal is to get new furry friends into as many new homes as possible.


Host a fundraiser



Image source: Pixabay (cat art)


In addition to the adoption drive, you can also raise money for your local no-kill shelter in various ways. Encouraging online purchases through a specific charity link, hold an animal-themed art auction, or organize a silent auction for locally donated goods the day of the event.


No matter how you plan to honor and celebrate your resident’s feline friends, this spring is the best time to do it…though you probably didn’t need an excuse!

2 months ago
Food Festival and Farmers' Market 2 months ago

Who can say no to delicious food? Especially when the community is filled with the most amazing smells!


Plan a food festival or farmers’ market in your community to introduce your residents to the food trucks and farmers who own your local businesses.


Whether you get some local farmers, caterers, bakeries, or food trucks together, this is a great way to highlight the local produce and local sellers in the area.


In addition to getting a chance to eat all the delicious food at the event, people will learn where to buy fresh produce locally on any other given day.


One of the best ways to make this a successful event is to invite local farms to come out early in the year, before other “official” farmers' markets open!

Network in Advance


Connect with farmers' market organizers in your area. This will help you make a list of local food vendors and farms that participated in that farmer’s market the year before.

Once you have a list in hand of local food vendors, you can make the effort to reach out to all former participants. Call or email farmers and invite them to a one-day event at your community.


In addition to local produce sellers, remember to invite other businesses like bakeries, cheese makers, and other food artisans. Some may sell things like pickled food, artisan olives, or jams and jellies your residents would love to try.



Image source: Pixabay (jams)


You can also partner up companies like Jamba Juice. The company often does outreach activities in communities. They provide product samples at festivals and fairs and may be able to sponsor your event in-kind by providing free samples and coupons to residents at your event.


Other Activities


Consider organizing sub-events like live cooking demonstrations and tasting contests. You can also have a grilled food area and spaces for small-scale vendors like sellers of popcorn, cotton candy, and other snacks.


Food Trucks


If you don’t want to organize a full-scale event, food trucks are another great option and can turn into lasting partnerships to please community residents.



Image source: Pixabay (food truck)


**BONUS** After your event, arrange to have a food truck park on your property once a week for lunch or dinner and cater to local residents. It’s a great way to bring new experiences into your community and give residents something to look forward to each month.


No matter whom you invite, be sure to give everyone free or low-cost booth space and allow them to sell their products and foods on the day of the event.


Your residents will thank you for both bringing fresh food into your community and making their monthly grocery shopping that much easier!

2 months ago
Chalk-It-Up Community Day 2 months ago


Image source: Pixabay


Encouraging healthy and beautiful activities in your community can be accomplished in more ways than one. One inexpensive and fun way to encourage creativity and murals is by providing ways to make the temporary kind!

Chalk art is a simple and inexpensive way to celebrate the warmer weather. There are few requirements for this event other than available sidewalk space and quality chalk. It also encourages residents to come together and make large-scale works of art right in your community.

With this event, you’ll be encouraging residents to create large colorful chalk works of art on your community’s sidewalks over a one-two day period. You can either provide each resident with a box of chalk for free or charge a minimal registration fee to offset the cost of the quality color chalks.

A $10 pre-registration fee per sidewalk square will cover the cost of a box of chalk pastels through Amazon. You could also inquire at a local art store about quantity discounts.


**BONUS** Consider offering prizes per building for the most amazing sidewalk art for residents in garden-style communities.


Here are a few other things to keep in mind for this event.


Wear Sunscreen


Since you are going to be outside for most of the day in the sun, it makes sense to apply sunblock to exposed areas. Wear a large brimmed hat, sunglasses, and long sleeves to minimize sun exposure.



Image source: Pixabay


Pay special attention to protecting your back, arms, back of your legs, and neck. They will all be exposed to the most sun as you crouch over your artwork.


Bring Knee Protection

Consider bringing knee protectors or an old pillow to help prevent aches and pains from crouching and kneeling over your art. At the very least, you’ll want to ensure that you have something to lean on if you need to reach the far corners of your art.


In this case, bring a medium-sized piece of cardboard to rest your hands and knees on so that you won’t smudge your drawing.


Plan What You Want to Draw


Have a basic idea of what you want to create at the event. Print or sketch your design ahead of time and put it in a sheet protector to keep it from getting dirty and dusty with chalk.

**TIP** Consider approving resident’s designs ahead of time to ensure the designs are family-friendly and appropriate for your whole community.


Use a Grid for Your Drawing


If you want your drawing to be accurate and straight, consider using a grid over the source picture when translating the picture down onto the sidewalk. This way, residents can draw their pictures square by square - starting at the top and working their way down.


Start From the Top of Your Chalk Drawing


This one is important. If you start at the bottom, you’ll smudge and wreck your chalk drawing as you work your way up. Instead, start at the top and work your way down coloring each box of your grid until you hit the bottom. This way you’ll finish without destroying all your hard work.


Swap Colored Chalk with Other Participants


If you need a lot of yellow chalk, and your neighbor needs a lot of blue, trade your chalk with each other to ensure that everyone gets the colored chalk they need. Barter with other residents to get the colors of chalk you need to finish your design.



Image source: Pixabay

Blend with a Sponge, Brush, and Water


You can encourage residents to try their hand at more advanced techniques. Blending with a sponge or brush can give drawings a more painterly effect. It also allows the chalk to seep into the pores of the cement for a stronger and more weather resistant design.


Clean up


There is not much you need to do to clean up, most communities wait until the chalk drawings fade away naturally. Do to foot traffic and the natural washing of rain and other weather. However, you can also wash and scrub away the chalk drawings with water and stiff brooms, or a pressure washer, to make quick work of chalk clean up.


**BONUS** Consider making your chalk art party a yearly event. Practice makes perfect and you’ll have a higher number of participants year after year. Remember, practice makes perfect!

3 months ago
“Taxes Can Be Fun” Filing Party 3 months ago


3 months ago