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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Summer Party

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Brent Williams
Written by Brent Williams  On  April 12, 2012   3642   0
Wipeout Summer Apartment Party
While having a discussion about last week’s Apartment Community Fear Factor, Donje Putnam responded, “Hilarious! I hate that kind of stuff though. But I could transform the pool into Wipeout!” And it reminded me of an amazing float system for pools, which would be great for an apartment party version of Wipeout! I think all you would need are some pool noodles and maybe some dodge balls to give to other residents to make it just a bit harder to get across! Here is the link to find the pool float system – a bit expensive, but looks like a blast! (The video shows some large-scale options at a lake, but I think a larger pool could work, as well)
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Apartment Life
Written by Apartment Life  On  March 09, 2012   3808   4
All American Fun Day
The idea here is a 4th of July or Memorial Day Pool Party, but staying away from the typical large and expensive cook-out. This is a festive event with all-American treats and desserts perfect for an afternoon by the pool. Depending on your pool area, it is idea to set up two long tables on either side of a covered patio so they are facing each other with space in between for residents to pass through. Cover each with a blue table covering, and drape a large $1 American Flag from the Dollar Store on each as a center piece. On table #1, you will have an Apple Pie bar and fresh cut watermelon, and on table #2 will be All-American snacks. • Table #1: Sam's and Costco (as well as other supermarkets) sell large apple turnovers in the bakery section throughout the summer. ...
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Andrew Fink
Written by Andrew Fink  On  August 27, 2011   5112   7
Apartment Summer Party - Minute To Win It!
Are you having a summer party this year or pool party? If you are looking for some games to add to keep it lively and interesting, you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Have you seen the NBC game show "Minute To Win It"? Contestants compete for prizes completing challenges made from household or office materials such as plastic cups, ping pong balls, reams of paper, etc. In one game called NOODLING AROUND the contestant has to put a piece of uncooked spaghetti between their lips and use it to pick up six uncooked penne pasta noodles placed on the table without dropping any of them. It is harder than it sounds and with everyone gathering around cheering, it can be fun. I like having people compete to see who does it faster, but you can do this by timer and it needs to...
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Felicia Norman
Written by Felicia Norman  On  June 14, 2011   3232   3
Midnight Swim
If your property doesn't have a community center or clubhouse and you still want to have a great event, here's a summer party we can all enjoy.  If you have a pool, have this in your community. If not, find one that will let you use it late! Have someone cater with finger foods (or have your residents bring their own) and have a great time out by the pool after the sun goes down!!  This is great for people like me who "fear" sunburn! Don't forget to bring along some beach balls, have some great summer music, and bring your smiling faces! The inspiration for this event came from Mindy Sharp, of Freestone Management Services, LLC.
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Apartment Life
Written by Apartment Life  On  June 02, 2011   2731   1
Olympic Games
Olympic Games is a unique event that residents will simply love. Choose between traditional Olympic games or Silly Olympics. Traditional Olympic games could include long jump, 50 yard dash, and ping pong. The Silly Olympic games could include extreme torch race (birthday candle relay) and feather in a spoon races, marshmallow head (stick a marshmallow to your head and see who can make it to the finish line before it falls). This event can end with a meal of hero sub sandwiches or be food free with coolers filled with Gatorade for all of the athletes. You can go all out and even present residents with "gold medals" purchased from the local party supply store at an affordable price.
52 apartment party results - showing 21 - 25  
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