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Resident Events is a resource for property management professionals to find, share, and rate community events and apartment party ideas with each other!  Need some community event ideas?  Just take a look around!

Summer Party

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Written by elizabeth wagner  On  May 20, 2011   2114   0
Have a catered barbeque cookout for the residents. This promotes community involvement, let's everyone have fun and keeps all residents and their children safe and happy!
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Melody J Maas
Written by Melody J Maas   On  May 10, 2011   2380   0
Let's Go Fishing
Let's go Fishing is a local Volunteer group that takes pontoon boats out with people to fish or just a day on the water. We have organized 2 of these in cooperation with the Lets Go Fishing organization for our Senior Tenants and have had a full house each time! We provide the transportation through a local bus service, set up the boat schedule and ahve a BBQ or picnic lunch after the boat ride. It is a great day for the seniors and the staff. We would donante the $500.00 to the Lets go Fishing organization if choosen ! The seniors get so excited and plan for this days ahead, they wear big brimmed hats and have sun umbrellas too. Lots of laughter starts before the bus even gets to the front door for pick up.
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Written by Kellie Briscoe  On  May 06, 2011   3582   1
Our event had a caravel theme which included a dunk tank. Two employees and the community postman took shifts sitting in the tank. We also had a two caravel games which included two inflatable basketball hoops and an inflatable baseball batting games. Stuffed animals were purchased from the dollars store as prizes for the caravel games. We also reached out two several vendors who donated gift cards for raffles drawings and contests that we had through out event. We were also able to use a few of the gift cards to purchase household items such as crock-pot, DVD player, toaster oven, and a blender which were also given to contest winners. We requested visa gift cards since our contest were designed for both children and adults. Our contest ideas came from the game show minute to win it. We played...
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Patricia Jones
Written by Patricia Jones  On  May 06, 2011   2504   0
This even involves dressing up and dining out under the stars. If you have a club house and pool deck you have the right pace for this event. Invite residents, venders, brokers, local business/preferred employers and prospects to your guest list. RSVP is a must! Get your pool ready with some floating candles and clear all loundge chairs leaving tables with chairs. Offer a bar and licensed bar tender. (no liability) Food should be a buffet of 2 meats and 4 sides. Guests will have access to tours of model homes and community that night. This is a great grand opening party. I suggest waiting until you are a bit occ so you can use it as a resident party as well as a way to get your name out there. One property I worked at also got 4 local bands to...
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Lawrence Berry, CPM
Written by Lawrence Berry, CPM  On  May 04, 2011   2895   1
Many residents have hidden talents. This could include singing, comedy, playing an instrument, etc. Prizes are provided by local merchants, with the grand price being a months free rent. Restrictions include no profanity and must be something that can be witnessed by all ages. This event could be held at a pool or inside of a large clubhouse. Hire a DJ to provide music, MC event, and PA system. Maybe bring in a small portable stage or do it in the evening with lighting. Judges could include music or arts instructors from a local college or university, or even from a local high school. Voting of course also provided by residents. Food provided by local merchants/restaurants wanting to expand their customer base by providing samples (not meals)of various items. Who's got talent? Maybe you do in putting on this...
49 apartment party results - showing 31 - 35  
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10  

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